Event Planning and Risk Assessment for University-sponsored Activities

The University provides event organizers with the following resources to assist in assessing their activities and planning the appropriate risk management and safety steps, thereby enhancing the experience of participants and organizers alike.  The most important step is to give yourself time and plan ahead!

What constitutes a University-sponsored event?

All events must operate within the parameters of the Student Handbook and Code of Conduct

WWU Special Events: City of College Place Event Permit

Student Event Approval Checklist 

Safety Plan - If your event involves a physical activity, as the leader and organizer of the group it is your responsibility to write out a plan for conducting the activity safely, outlining who will be responsible for the different aspects of the activity.  If appropriate, communicate safety information to all participants and document that communication in your event file.

Campus Security Notification: extension 2222 (all planned events).

Accident/Incident Reporting
Animal Policy
Approved Driver List
Approved Pilot List
Artist/Speaker/Presenter Addendum
Artist/Speaker/Presenter Contract
Blue Zones Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Event Planning and Programming Guide
Boating Policies
City of College Place Special Event Permit 
Student Club Event Approval Checklist (Student Life website)
Contract/Agreement/Lease Policy
County of Walla Walla Special Event Permit
Domestic Travel
Driver & Transportation Policies/Forms
Emergency Preparedness
Food - Serving Food at a University-sponsored Event NO FOOD TRUCKS
Gator Use Guidelines
Insurance Exclusions and Safety Guidelines (Activities)
International Travel
Open Flame Policy
Photography (for personal camera use by employees, contact Risk & Safety Management)
Records Retention Policy
Waivers for Physical Activities

Please feel free to contact Risk & Safety Management if you need further assistance.