1. Personal Information
    • This is where you will find information such as your name, address, and the department for which you work.

  2. Tax Data
    • Your tax data as indicated on the W-4 Form you filled out.  If you are a resident of OR or MT, or work in either of those states, the second column will indicate your state tax data.

  3. Hours and Earnings
    • This section shows the earnings types you have received over the course of the current calendar year.  The “Current” columns will show your pay rate, hours worked, and earnings for this pay period.  The “YTD” columns will show your hours worked and amounts earned during the current year (year-to-date).

  4. Taxes
    • The taxes being withheld from your paycheck—both for this pay period and for the year-to-date.

      • Fed Withholding
        • This is Federal Withholding Tax, based on the number of Withholding Allowances indicated on your W-4 Form.

      • Fed MED/EE
        • This is the employee’s portion of Federal Medicare Tax.

      • Fed OASDI/EE
        • This is the employee’s portion of Federal Social Security Tax.

        • Any state taxes (i.e., OR Withholding) will be listed here as well.

  5. Before Tax-Deductions
    • Any deductions taken from your paycheck prior to taxes being calculated.

    • For benefit eligible faculty/staff, these deductions include Major Medical (health insurance), 403(b) Voluntary-ER Match (your retirement contribution), and more (depending on your benefit enrollments).

  6. After Tax-Deductions
    • Any deductions taken from your paycheck after taxes are calculated.

      • Every employee (except those in Montana) will have a Workers Compensation deduction in this section.

      • Another common after-tax deduction is an Accounts Receivable deduction.

      • For students, A/R deductions are based on the percent of net pay you indicated at Student Employment.  The amount of this deduction goes directly from your paycheck to your student account.

      • For faculty and staff, A/R deductions are for the grand total balance on your account.  Charges on your account include, but are not limited to, purchases at the DX, Cafeteria, or U-Shop, or any balance remaining on your student account.  Faculty and staff are not allowed to have a balance owing on their accounts.

  7. Employee Paid Benefits
    • Any benefits WWU pays on your behalf will be listed here.  Please note that the amounts in this section are not deducted from your paycheck.

      • WWU’s portion of your medical insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, and retirement contributions are listed here. Note that WWU pays both the basic 5% of your wages to your retirement account, as well as matching your contribution up to 3% of your wages.

  8. Totals
    • This section will show the total amounts you have earned, both in this pay period (“Current”) and during the year (“YTD”) for five categories:

      • Total Gross
        • What you have earned overall.

      •  Fed Taxable Gross

        • The portion of your earnings that is taxable.

      • Total Taxes

        • The taxes you have paid.

      •  Total Deductions

        • The amounts that have been deducted from your earnings.

      •  Net Pay

        • The total amount you get to keep after taxes and deductions.

  9. Net Pay Distribution
    • This section will show you the form in which you were paid.

      • If you received a paper check, the “Account Type” column will read “Issue Chk,” with the check number of that check shown to the left.

      • If your check was direct deposited into your bank account, the “Account Type” column will say which type of account it was (Checking or Savings), and the “Account Number” column will show your bank account number.

      • The “Amount” column for either method of distribution will show your net pay.