WWU student safety

Walla Walla University's commitment to student safety is seen in many programs on campus

Walla Walla University is committed to the safety of its students. There are multiple resources on campus which focus on students’ health, mental and physical safety, and their academic success. 

The Title IX Coordinator oversees compliance on campus with Title IX initiatives, which includes equal opportunities and rights for students and resources for students dealing with issues such as sexual discrimination, sexual assault, sexual harassment, and sexual misconduct. “One of our goals in the Title IX office is to make sure that students are safe and to stop negative behavior, remedy the effects, and prevent the recurrence, in a timely fashion.” said Jennifer Carpenter, WWU Director of Human Resources and Title IX coordinator.

This year a new Intensive Trauma Therapy program is being added to the WWU campus. This trauma debrief is an intensive counseling session for students who are dealing with a recent traumatic event. The purpose of this therapy is to help the student find closure surrounding the traumatic event before they engage with counseling services.

WWU is also proactive in preventive measures including training for students, talks about consent during JumpStart, and counseling. The robust campus security program works in tandem with law enforcement to keep the campus a safe place for students, while the University Health Clinic seeks to protect students’ health by providing medical services on campus.

The Chaplain’s Office provides students with spiritual support and guidance, as well as working in tandem with other campus resources, including the Counseling and Testing Center. Dedicated to the mental health and wellness of students, the Counseling and Testing Center provides counseling opportunities with trained professionals. Students can also join small groups focusing on topics including self-care, grief, and restorative practice.

WWU’s commitment to the safety and health of students provides a safe learning environment where issues can be addressed and resolved by professionals on campus. The university also appreciates the input and involvement of students. The faculty and staff are committed to the well-being of students, and when students communicate, care, and report concerns and incidents, the university can go further toward maintaining a safe and healthy campus.

Posted September 9, 2019

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Multiple resources on campus strive to meet students' mental and physical needs.
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WWU's preventive measures include training for students during JumpStart and counseling.