Wolves golf tournament: March 26–27

Fans are invited to cheer on Wolves golf teams during spring season opening tournament in Walla Walla

The Walla Walla University men’s and women’s golf teams will kick off their spring season with an invitational golf tournament at Wine Valley Golf Club in Walla Walla beginning Monday, March 26, at 8 a.m. and continuing Tuesday, March 27, at 8 a.m. Following standard league format, on Monday the men will play 36 holes and the women will play 18 holes; on Tuesday both men and women will play 18 holes.

“Our teams are really looking forward to playing on their home course,” says WWU golf coach, Rodd Strobel. The Wolves will host players from Multnomah University, College of Idaho, University of Frasier Valley, and University of Idaho. Fans are invited to the course to cheer on the Wolves.

“The golfers are a fun team to be with and follow,” says Carolyn Janke, whose grandson plays on the WWU team. “Bernie and I haven’t missed a tournament. We always look forward to the next tournament and seeing a new golf course.” Janke says one of the most enjoyable parts of the game to watch is the putting. “It’s fun to watch the amazing shots they make to finish a hole.”

Tips for golf fans
“Anytime a golfer is preparing to hit the ball, spectators should be silent. No talking!” says Janke.

Strobel adds: “Fans need to be aware of all golfers on the course, not just the ones they are watching. Keep in mind that other golfers might be playing up from behind. The only time spectators are allowed to interact with players is when they are helping them find a lost ball. Otherwise they must stay at least 30 feet away from players at all times.”

“There is a lot of standing around, so fans should make sure they’re dressed for cool and breezy conditions,” says Strobel.

“We usually walk the course,” says Janke. ”If you plan to come out and watch, you’ll need a good pair of walking shoes!” Carts are available to rent, if you would rather not walk. There is no charge to watch a tournament unless you rent a cart.

“We’ve gotten to know players from other teams and their parents have become our friends,” says Janke. “We look forward to seeing them again at each tournament!”

About WWU athletics
The athletics program at Walla Walla University provides the opportunity for student athletes to develop and exercise their athletics gifts, learn leadership skills, build lasting relationships, and grow spiritually. Maintaining a mission-centered program, the WWU athletics program promotes a healthy, balanced life—body, mind, and soul—for their athletes through sport. Athletic opportunities include men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s golf, men’s soccer, women’s softball, and women’s volleyball. Learn more at uwolves.com.

Posted March 25, 2018