Winter fun

Student body stays active with ASWWU’s winter quarter events


The Associated Students of Walla Walla University (ASWWU) Social and Outdoors departments are working hard to ensure that students can enjoy fun activities amidst COVID-19 regulations and cold weather. The events that have already taken place include snow camping, a stand-up comedy night, and Rail Jam. 

On the night of February 6, students participated in Rail Jam. Skiers and snowboarders took turns doing tricks while onlookers cheered and enjoyed hot chocolate and desserts. Julianna Conrad, sophomore psychology major and ASWWU Social team member, explained that her team spent all day preparing for the event by driving snow from the mountains and piling it up on the hill by the library to create a ramp that led to a box and a rail. 

Conrad said, “It was a long process of getting the snow and making sure everything was safe, but the event turned out so well. There were a lot of people there, no one got injured, and everyone was excited because it was a new thing they hadn’t seen before.”

ASWWU Social has more events planned for the quarter, including Battle of the Bands, a banquet, a dating game show, and multiple pop-ups. Conrad said that although this quarter has posed some difficulties, they are doing their best to make sure students have plenty of opportunities to have fun, stay connected, and get the most out of winter quarter.

ASWWU Outdoors has also been busy planning future events including a lead climbing crash course in the Winter Educational Complex, a trip to Bluewood, a snowshoeing and cross country skiing trip, and an ice climbing trip. Zachary Licon, sophomore business major, led the most recent ASWWU Outdoors trip–snow camping at Andies Prairie. 

While only three people braved the cold on this trip along with Licon and another trip leader, Licon emphasized the small group had fun and connected with each other while snowshoeing, finding the perfect spot to set up camp, and enjoying good food. Spencer Welch, senior mechanical engineering major and participant on this event, said that his favorite memory from the trip was “looking up at the night sky and admiring the number of stars in it.” 

Although COVID-19 regulations are easier to navigate when planning outdoor activities, the Outdoors team does struggle with getting the word out about their trips. Licon explained, “Not a lot of people attend the events which is unfortunate because we have a good time, eat good food, and have a good experience. I think people don’t really know how fun it is.” 

To learn more about upcoming outdoor events, visit the ASWWU Outdoors website. Most trips are free, although some overnight trips cost $10 to $20. All WWU students, faculty, and staff are welcome to join.

Posted Feb. 9, 2022.

Girl climbs up wall of ice with crampons and ice axes.
Rail Jam and ice climbing trips are only a few of the myriad of activity options available to students during the winter months.