Week of Worship

Quarterly worship program inspires two students to pursue baptism

Walla Walla University students attended a Week of Worship last week, October 2–6. The theme was “In My Feelings” delivered by Walla Walla University Church Pastor Andres Beccai. Every morning throughout the week, classes paused and students filled the church for a moment of worship together. 

Beccai, who came to the University Church in the spring of 2019, described the week as profound. The key message was that emotions that usually bring us down such as anxiety, apathy, fear, and insecurity can all be doors for us to open up and let Christ into those spaces. He said, “I really wanted to speak to the acute emotions and feelings students have that impact their academic and spiritual lives, and how might God redeem those feelings of anxiety.” 

In the evenings, Beccai also facilitated a unique program called MOTH Storytelling. Inspired by a nonprofit and its award-winning radio show, the nightly events featured faculty, staff, and students sharing personal testimonies and experiences relating to the emotion that Beccai spoke about that day.

Students were impacted by this sacred time of coming together and worshiping; by the end of the week, two students came forward for baptism. 

Week of Worship is a quarterly tradition that aims to bring Walla Walla University closer to its center—God. 

Posted Nov. 1, 2023. 

Week of worship