Wait … wait … walk sign is on

Creative ASWWU video hits on crosswalk safety

The Associated Students of Walla Walla University released a creative public service announcement to educate the campus community on proper safety practices when using the new College Avenue high-intensity activated crosswalk signals. The video was initially presented to students at the Walla Walla University annual student-run assembly in February.

The crosswalk system was installed in the late stages of the College Avenue-Rose Street Reconstruction Project, providing WWU students protected crossing along the busy street that cuts through the campus.

As the snow cleared for the season, the ASWWU video team saw fit to give a little more explanation to the meaning behind the various new signals. Students Jack Patterson, Peter Flores, and Jared Jamieson wrote original music and lyrics for the PSA, and the video featured WWU President John McVay suited up and playing the guitar.

“Push that button. Watch the lights. Wait for the cars on your left and right,” sings an energetic Flores as he’s seen cautiously moving into the crosswalk. “The idea was partially sparked by Courtney Bryant, the head of security on campus. … It was probably the most fun I’ve ever had being in an ASWWU video and creating something that will hopefully leave a lasting impression on campus,” Flores said.

The PSA quickly spread across social media, and Keller Associates, Inc., whose engineering services played a key role in the crosswalk installation, shared it to their corporate Facebook page to show off University enthusiasm. Pedestrians and drivers are still learning to adhere to the signals, but this student initiative took a step in the right direction.

Watch the crosswalk video and other ASWWU-produced videos at vimeo.com/ASWWU.

Posted April 4, 2017