Volleyball win

Wolves secure win on senior night under new coach


In late October, the Walla Walla University Wolves volleyball team had their first conference win since 2015, beating Warner Pacific University in three sets. The team played under new head coach Breayn Bussell.

Bussell coached for many years prior to this season, including some time coaching at WWU previously, before returning to coach this season. In her short time working with the team, she saw its members experience a lot of growth in their skills and relationships with each other. According to Bussell, players perform well when they are bonded well to each other. The locker room atmosphere, even after losses, showed that the girls were playing for each other. A meaningful worship toward the end of the season helped to unite the players. 

In Bussell’s eyes, the win against Warner Pacific was due to teamwork and everybody showing up to play. The players were able to play up to a level that wasn’t expected of them before. “It was the first time in a very long time that all of the gym got to stand up for match point, and it sent shivers everywhere,” Bussell said. “Egos left the building that night.”

Senior team co-captain Gabrielle Browning had 19 kills to end her WWU volleyball career. “I am so proud of our team for coming together and pushing through, despite the many challenges we faced. A win on senior night was an incredible way to end the season,” Browning said. 

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Posted Nov. 14, 2022

Team celebrating
Player and coach
Browning (left) and Bussell celebrated the team's win on senior night.