Trail Tales

ASWWU Outdoors podcast fosters connections for outdoor enthusiasts and more

ASWWU Outdoors, a division of the Associated Students of Walla Walla University (ASWWU), arranges a year full of fun wilderness activities, including snowshoeing, hiking, rock climbing, skiing, and even avalanche safety courses, many of which take place during spring quarter. With classes shifting to online instruction and social distancing in place, they are adapting their plans for spring quarter and sharing their love for the outdoors in creative ways. Trail Tales, the podcast started by ASWWU Outdoors, is just one of the ways that they are keeping the campus connected through their love of the outdoors. 

“My goals for the show are to encourage students to reminisce on previous adventures and have a place to connect with our outdoor community while we are all separated,” said Xander Culver, senior engineering major and ASWWU Outdoors trip leader. “The podcast will cover stories of outdoor adventure from students and faculty. It will cover a wide range of outdoor sports, such as hiking, climbing, skiing, horseback riding, and more.”

The podcast will feature faculty and students from every skill level sharing their experiences and adventure stories. The first episode features Brian Roth, dean of the School of Engineering and professor of engineering, and Mitchell Powers, freshman theology major. Roth shares about his fall while hiking in Yosemite National Park, and Powers speaks on the adventure of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. 

Trail Tales is available to stream on many podcast streaming services, including Spotify and Anchor. It is also being added to more streaming platforms. If you find visuals helpful, the podcast is also available on YouTube with photos. A new episode drops every Tuesday at 2 p.m.

Over the course of the quarter, ASWWU Outdoors will be introducing more ways to stay connected with fellow outdoors enthusiasts, including an outdoor cooking show, a blog, and a newsletter. 

“The mission of ASWWU Outdoors is giving students the opportunity to explore, learn, and connect in the outdoors. This includes spiritually, socially, mentally, and of course, physically,” said Grant Hartman, senior mechanical engineering major and ASWWU Outdoors director. “Throughout this quarter our team is really focusing on encouraging healthy habits and maintaining an atmosphere of connection and positivity even though we are separated.”

Posted April 9, 2020

logo for the trail tales podcast
The first two episodes of Trail Tales are currently available on Spotify and Anchor.