Revival Project

Student-led church takes practical approach to Christianity

Launched on October 9, the Revival Project is a new student-led church at Walla Walla University that takes a practical approach to Christianity. Through a four-Sabbath rotation of learning, serving, gratitude, and building, students are given a unique blend of church fellowship and community service. 

The Revival Project is unique because it is the only service on campus that has replaced their church program with community service. The purpose of this change is to create a church that presents a different perspective of ministry. For some of their projects, they have worked in connection with the WWU Center for Humanitarian Engagement.

Matthias Bernard, co-pastor of the Revival Project, said, “Our other sister churches offer a more structured production that is put on every Sabbath. The Revival Project is different, we have this rotation that gives people an opportunity to be involved in different areas of ministry, not just a production. We want people to leave the Revival Project knowing that ministry is not just confined to the four walls of the church. Ministry is with people and being with people is the ministry we are called to do!”

Each four-week rotation of services focuses on a specific topic. The first Sabbath is an in-depth discussion of the topic. The next Sabbath, the group responds to the sermon discussed the previous week through community service. The third week, they practice gratitude through sharing personal experiences related to the selected topic of the rotation. The final service of the rotation is a service where they answer the “so what” and “why” questions. The purpose of this is to relate how the topic affects not only Christians but everyone no matter who they are.

“Many students have reached out to me about our church and they love the unique ministry we have to offer,” Bernard said. “They have also appreciated the gratitude Sabbath that allowed them to be in a space to slow down from a busy week.”

The Revival Project is a unique opportunity for students to find spiritual growth and community. To learn more about the diverse spiritual programs at WWU, visit

Posted on Nov. 30, 2021.

two people singing with microphones in front of fairylights
Each four week rotation of services focuses on a specific topic such as gratitude.