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WWU has more than 50 student missionaries out in the field this year

Every year students at Walla Walla University feel compelled to act out their love of God through service to others. One way in which students can serve others is to go abroad and fill a need at some Adventist institution around the world. There is always a good number of students that go this route, desiring not only to serve God by helping others but also to grow as a person through the experiences they encounter and the people they meet.

For the 2016-2017 school year, WWU has sent out 54 student missionaries to more than 26 different places throughout the world. The majority of them left in either August or September and will return at the end of the school year in May and June. A few of the student missionaries have not left yet but plan on serving abroad during winter or spring quarters. Below is the list of this year’s student missionaries and where they are serving: 

Auburn Adventist Academy, Washington: Tiffany Nelson

Australia: Jennifer Sousa

Belize: Josephine Stubbs

Cambodia: Matthew Buell

Chile: Trevor Hernandez and Jason Scott

Costa Rica: Shintell Izquierdo

Denmark: Kyle Lambert

East Timor: Julia McEdward and Meghan Spracklen

Egypt: Derek Glatts and Tatum Shobe 

Hawaii Mission Academy, Hawaii: Jenny Landaverde

Japan: Kelsey Landa

Kosrae: Mayson Ellis

Lodi Academy, California: Natalia Perry

Lincoln City Adventist School, Oregon: Cassandra Mason

Majuro: Mihaela Blackmore Lauren Bosler, Kandice Gage, Emma Gryte, Luke Hilde, Matthew Kainer, Kayla Nash, Morgan Sanker, Matthew Shankel, and Haley White

Malawi: Hope Heaton and Mindy Robinson

Milo Adventist Academy, Oregon: Adam Ricci and Savannah Sexton

Mount Ellis Academy, Montana: Emily Jones

New Zealand: Michael Riley

Norway: Karli Fredrickson

Palau: Jonathan Bradshaw and Jaucelyn Carter

Peru: Benjamin Gow-Lee

Pohnpei: Kyle Carter, Coleman Dietrich, Leighton Edward, Michaela Garcia, Kyler Morgan, Nicholas Umali, Ansel Weber, Daniel Wilkinson, and Nathan Zimmerly

Saipan: Olga Garcia and Meghann Heinrich

South Korea: Summer Kurts

Thailand: Lindsey Beddoe, Jackie Berglund, Drake Byrkit, Thomas Lemon, Krystal Loop, and Alyssa Olson

Undisclosed: Andrew Sharley

Upper Columbia Academy, Washington: Timothy Kosaka

Walla Walla University, Washington: Katie Palumbo

Yap: Garrett Wilson

For more information, visit the Student Missions webpage

Posted November 1, 2016

WWU has sent out 54 student missionaries to more than 26 different places throughout the world