Personalized support

WWU offers a variety of one-to-one support options, tailored to students’ needs

College years can be an extremely rewarding and challenging time in a variety of ways for students. Walla Walla University offers one-to-one support in many areas to meet the individual needs of each student, ensuring they can find success.

Freshman support

Personalized support is available to students from the very beginning of their college experience. WWU’s first-year mentoring program supports students as they transition to college and builds a strong foundation for the rest of their university experience. Mentors check in with students regularly by providing information and helping to develop skills for academic and personal success. They also help connect students with resources related to academics, health, finances, social opportunities, and spiritual wellbeing. In a survey that asked students about their experience in the mentor program, one student said, “My mentor was my biggest cheerleader this year. I always felt I had someone to lean on and greatly looked forward to our meetings every week.”

Spiritual support

WWU students have access to a team of chaplains who offer comprehensive spiritual support systems to guide them on their personal journeys and challenges “College brings many life changes that can be difficult to process in the context of faith,” said Andrea Keele, associate chaplain for missions. Counseling services also provide assistance to students to help them cope with obstacles that may prevent them from being optimally successful in college. The office is staffed by counseling professionals trained and experienced in addressing the needs of university students.

Academic and career support

Students can seek specific academic support at any time during their education at WWU. The Student Development Center (SDC) is designed to empower students to be active and independent learners. The center provides services including career services, peer tutoring, and disability support services. Student tutors are typically referred by professors in their areas of speciality and complete required training before beginning work. The SDC tutoring program is certified as an international tutor training program by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA).

Career coaching services can also be utilized by students through the SDC. Whether a student hasn’t decided on a major yet or has realized the major they’re in isn’t right for them, career coaches talk through possibilities with students and assist them in making strategic decisions. Students can also receive help editing resumes, finding job and internship opportunities, and crafting quality personal statements. “We work to help students identify their purpose, calling, and ultimately, their career path,” said David Lindstrom, SDC director. “We help students realize that it’s okay if they don’t have their plans all figured out yet.” 

One of the most integral resources for university students is academic advisement. At WWU, every student is assigned an academic advisor based on their major (or majors!) and programs to help them select the right classes. “Academic advisors are experts in students’ majors and careers paths,” said Carlyle Tagalog, academic advisement and curriculum coordinator. “When students apply for their first job after graduation, their advisor also becomes a key connection to their career.” Small class sizes also encourage students to talk with their professors. These one-to-one interactions can be a great time to establish rapport and form important professional relationships. 


Posted March 18, 2024.

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