Mihail Motzev

Business professor featured speaker at conference about using simulations and gaming in education

Mihail Motzev, WWU professor of business, was the featured speaker this summer at a conference of the International Simulation and Gaming Association. Motzev’s presentation at the conference covered the development of multi-layered networks of active neurons for simulation experiments and model-based business games using self-organizing data mining with the group method of data handling. The presentation included results from Motzev’s international research conducted in Australia, Europe, and most recently in Walla Walla.

ISAGA uses games of various media and styles to create and simulate real-life scenarios for different areas of business. Motzev joined the association in 1983 as a researcher in Sofia, Bulgaria. At the 48th annual conference this summer in Delft, Holland, Motzev was elected to join the ISAGA international advisory council. On the advisory council, he will advise the executive board and the president of the association on decisions and will review conference papers from other ISAGA members.

Posted Oct. 4, 2017

Professional portrait of Mihail Motzev with a grey suit and striped red and black tie.
Mihail Motzev, WWU professor of business