Internship fair

Students discover opportunities to earn job experience


On October 11 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Walla Walla University hosted a local internship meet-up in the Alaska room of Kellogg Hall. The event was open to all current students. 

This event was important to connect Walla Walla University students with local businesses who are interested in having interns. This provided an experience for students to introduce themselves and talk about their careers with potential businesses. Altogether the local internship meet-up illustrates an important part of what Walla Walla University’s career services offers, building career development and networking skills for students.

Danielle Setniker, a 2021 graduate from Walla Walla University and the student development coordinator, offered her insight as to why the Student Development Center provides these experiences for their students. She states this event allows the University to maintain positive relationships with local employers while providing accessible internships for students on campus. “Having these relationships and allowing students to make connections with local businesses is both valuable to the students as well as the University,” says Setniker. 

Overall there was a consistent turnout of students who came to participate in the event. A good majority were business majors because internships are a requirement from the School of Business. Around 20 businesses and organizations, including three graduate schools, came. The graduate schools that came were Loma Linda University School of Allied Health Professions, Andrews University College of Health & Human Services, and Washington State University. 

The local internship meet-up is one way Walla Walla University provides its students with great opportunities and experiences. This event provided tools for students to engage with the community and discover more about future careers.

Posted Oct. 21, 2022

Student meeting with local business at internship meet-up
Line of local businesses at internship meet-up