Intentional togetherness

Students to share their spiritual journeys during Week of Worship

Walla Walla University starts every winter quarter with a special Week of Worship during which student speakers share their journeys of faith with their fellow students. This year two speakers per day will talk about their journey of connecting to Christ. 

The theme, intentional togetherness, was chosen to help bring students together. “Between isolation, individualism, social media, consumerism, the generational hurry, and elevation of self that batters college students today, we feel it is necessary to intentionally talk about a togetherness that is under the name of Christ,” said Mitchell Powers, junior theology student and ASWWU spiritual vice president. 

Picking the theme was a team effort between ASWWU Spiritual, the ASWWU cabinet, and Student Life. “We see the call of unity under the name of Jesus and want to encourage students to lay aside the things that tear us away from each other, and from Christ, and to begin to practice unity under the family of Christ,” said Powers. The goal is not to de-sensitize students to unjust and wrongful things, but to remind them to stand for truth with an attitude of love and respect, encouraging their community to grow together in Christ. 

For Week of Worship, January 10–15, classes will be shortened by five minutes and CommUnity is scheduled at 11:40 a.m. The program will be streamed online and can be found at

Daily Schedule: 
Monday – Sydney Maclachlan and Dawsen Johnson 
Tuesday – Isabela Cinco and Marley Soli 
Wednesday – Ayden McCoy and Allison Simons 
Thursday: Angelica Rodriguez and Justin Coral-Yanez
Friday: Aleah Clark and Bauer Meeks
Friday Vespers: Zachary Mayer and Chelsea Rachal 
Saturday church services: Mitchell Powers

Posted January 10, 2021

Students sing praises together
The student Week of Worship program for 2022 will be streamed online and can be found at