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New center provides enhanced support for 21st century learning


The newly established Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology (TLT) is stepping into its role on campus at an important time. With many courses currently administered both in person, online, and in mixed settings due to COVID-19, the center is able to provide necessary support to faculty as they work to preserve class excellence.

Since its formation in the spring of last year, the center has worked not only to provide teachers with educational technology, but also to offer professional resources, continuing education, and support in standardizing online course structure and assessments.

“One of our core values, one we are dedicated to, is ‘excellence in thought,’” said Volker Henning, vice president for Academic Administration, “and we feel the center will help us accomplish that, especially as we have classes in an online format.” 

The center’s team includes a diverse range of skills to accomplish its goals. Dave Reeves, associate director for technology, adds his expertise to the center’s work by helping professors buy, set up, and effectively use technology that facilitates dual modality courses. Support for Walla Walla University’s online learning management system, D2L, comes from Sylvia Nosworthy. The center’s newest hire, Alix Harris, will provide assistance in online course design. She is currently focused on supporting the doctor of social work program. 

“Students learn best in a variety of systems, not just one way,” says Pam Cress, associate vice-president for Academic Administration. Cress has been at the forefront of the TLT’s development and sees the center as a way to better provide for students by serving faculty. 

Faculty in need of assistance can reach out to Cress as the center continues to grow. She is excited about the opportunities that the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology will provide as a centralized body to support faculty in offering excellent courses in a variety of learning environments.

Posted Jan. 22, 2021

Student hands working at a laptop computer.
The new WWU Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology will provide support for developing new technologies in the classroom.