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How six students found their way to Walla Walla University from around the world (part 5 of 6)

At the foot of the Blue Mountains, surrounded by fields of wheat and unions, it would be difficult to go to Walla Walla University by accident. Many students feel pressure when choosing where to pursue higher education. Sometimes, however, the simplest gestures or the grandest miracles can show God’s calling in our lives.
Meet Jessica Fernandez who has found herself beyond happy at Walla Walla University from forming her own unique path to Adventist higher education. 

Originally, Jessica Fernandez, now a sophomore in psychology, didn’t want to attend Walla Walla University. Most of her friends from Puget Sound Adventist Academy were planning to study at WWU, but Jessica wanted the opportunity to branch out a bit and attend a larger school. 

While Jessica applied to study psychology at WWU, part of her hoped she wouldn’t be accepted. It would be easier to decide where to go if she was only accepted to another college. However, her decision wasn’t so easy when she was accepted to multiple schools. 

Jessica knew she was passionate about psychology, so narrow her list of choices, Jessica reached out to psychology professors from each of the schools she was accepted to. Linda Ivy, professor of psychology at WWU, was the only professor who responded.  

About two or three weeks before school started, Jessica finally decided that WWU was where she was meant to be. She loved the encouragement and support she received from Ivy, and she appreciated the opportunities available through the psychology department. “The teachers are really helpful. They are willing to talk to help you find opportunities outside of the classroom. And it’s easy to get involved in a club,” said Jessica. 

To high schoolers who have concerns about wanting to spread their wings, Jessica says, “Walla Walla may be close to home and smaller but if anything, the fact that it is smaller allows you to make better, closer connections. You get to actually know many people, and you are actually known by your professors, rather than just being a student among many.”

Looking back, Jessica is beyond happy that she made the choice to study at Walla Walla University. “I have become more independent and learned many life skills while being away from home and at Walla Walla.” said Jessica. “It has allowed me to grow more than I ever have, both academically and personally.”

Posted on January 13, 2022 

Portrait of Walla Walla University Student, Jessica Fernandez
Jessica Fernandez// Major: Psychology// Hometown: Seattle, Washington