From Seahawks to ministry

Former NFL coach to speak at CommUnity

Rocky Seto, former assistant head coach of defense for the Seattle Seahawks, will be at Walla Walla University on May 16 to speak for one of the final CommUnity programs of the school year.

Seto, who attended the University of Southern California, became a Christian in college, and after a career of playing and coaching football, he recently decided to switch gears and become a Christian minister.

His position in the NFL has given him a unique opportunity for ministry, and his decision to pursue his faith on a professional level wasn't made overnight. In an interview with Mark Driscoll in 2014, he said, "Jesus is better than anything … even better than the Super Bowl, better than an NFL career, any of that."

CommUnity is a weekly, campus-wide worship service that starts at 11 a.m. on Tuesdays in the University Church. Seto adds another well-known name to the long list of speakers that WWU has brought to College Place, including philanthropist Adam Braun, artist Joe Castillo, and authors Bob Goff and William P. Young.

Posted May 15, 2017