Diversity: Our commitment in action

Walla Walla University implements campus-wide diversity plan

Walla Walla University is on an important journey, one that brings focus to our mission statement, which affirms that “every person is created in the image of God as a being of inestimable value and worth.”

Last April, WWU president John McVay announced eight areas of diversity focus that the university would immediately pursue in keeping with its mission. Since then, students, faculty, and staff have developed implementation steps and measurement opportunities for each of these areas:

  1. Modifications to curriculum, both inside and outside our classrooms, to support diversity education.
  2. Expanded diversity education for university faculty and staff.
  3. Policy and procedure revisions to remove barriers to progress in diversity.
  4. Improved feedback mechanisms for our campus family.
  5. Recruiting enhancements that will attract diverse students, faculty, and staff.
  6. Regular diversity conversations and engagement with stakeholders.
  7. Assessment and annual reporting through a diversity scorecard.
  8. Increased resources and staffing committed to diversity-linked events and roles.

This plan, called Our Commitment to Diversity, is being shepherded into action, and progress will be reported annually. “The specifics of the plan aren’t just talk; they are an important foundation from which the campus family can take positive, deliberate, measurable steps toward fostering a more diverse campus community—the kind of community that inspires creativity and compassion and that develops young professionals equipped for a diverse world and future,” says McVay.

Pedrito Maynard-Reid, WWU assistant to the president for diversity since 2008, says, “Our university family has committed to fostering a respectful and durable pattern of diversity that will enrich each individual, strengthen Walla Walla University, and bless the world we serve. This plan is our roadmap and holds us accountable as we work to provide every student and employee with a safe environment and to model an atmosphere of inclusion and harmony.”

Read Our Commitment to Diversity and learn more about our action steps at wallawalla.edu/diversity.

Posted Nov. 15, 2018

Photo of The Longest Table event with a wide variety of diverse student pictured
The complete Our Commitment to Diversity document is available online at wallawalla.edu/diversity.