Designers of tomorrow

Graphic and product design students at WWU share their portfolios


Product design and graphic design students participated in a portfolio design show in the Clyde and Mary Harris Art Gallery on Wednesday, December 8.  

The design show, themed “Designers of Tomorrow,” showcased work from eight students—three product designers and five graphic designers. The show was the final project for Portfolio Design class and highlighted students' diverse skills. The goal of the class is to prepare senior students for job interviews, especially for jobs in the artistic arena. 

Organizing a gallery show allowed design students to flex many of the skills they have learned through their education at Walla Walla University including problem solving, team building, and digital communication. Several students, both in product design and graphic design, specifically stated how important it is to have skills in teamwork. “As a graphic designer, you are almost always working for someone or with someone,” said Belicia Jiao, senior graphic design major. “Teamwork is one of the most important skills to have as a designer and having clear communication throughout the whole team is key.”

The designers’ projects were inspired from a variety of places. Jiao created a collage in photoshop combining elements from many of her favorite things. For Montarno (Mo) Mandrie, senior product design student, inspiration comes from the time he spent in the Coast Guard. “Saving lives was our number one duty, so with that a lot of my designs are geared towards safety and first response or the general betterment of the everyday person’s life.” Some of Mandrie’s designs include an air regenerative flashlight, created to charge when someone blows air into it, as well as a magnetic wall stud finder useful for construction. 

Because of the two programs’ focus on creating real-world solutions, many students’ projects are both innovative and meaningful. Raj Razo, senior product design major, developed a desk named The Booli that is easy to ship flat and assemble for use in developing countries. It has been one of his favorite projects so far. Razo said, “It was the first big project of mine that allowed me to experience the whole design process from research to ideation to production.”

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students gather around a sandwich board advertising their design show.
Portfolio Design teaches students to collect, refine, and present a professional portfolio of work for job interviews.
A gallery space is filled with prototypes and graphic design work.
Students' worked together to organize a design show featuring their portfolio of work.