Cocurricular transcript

Official record of student extracurricular activities can boost employer interest

With the recently introduced cocurricular transcript, Walla Walla University students now have a way to obtain an official verified record of their involvement outside the classroom.

The new transcript is modeled after the academic transcript and lists accomplishments in four areas: 1.) awards, such as merit-based scholarships and inclusion on the dean’s list; 2.) leadership, such as club leadership and athletics team leadership; 3.) professional development, such as research and internships; and 4.) service, such as Service Day participation and student missionary service.

In today’s dynamic workforce, well-rounded experience in addition to academics can prove invaluable for job placement and admission to graduate school or other professional programs. “Employers now are looking for more than just a GPA and more than just a degree,” says Emily Muthersbaugh, WWU student life manager.

The cocurricular transcript supports and encourages strategic, well-rounded, intentional student involvement. “I think there are two primary things we want students to get out of it,” Muthersbaugh says. “First, to think more intentionally about how they get involved, not looking to overwork them but thinking about having a balanced look at the things they want to do while they’re here. And the second is really a tool for when they leave to remember the things they did and to be able to update their resume or submit it with applications.”

Although similar programs have so far been adopted by only a small number of colleges and universities, Muthersbaugh sees them becoming a movement within student life, a movement WWU joins at the forefront.

Student involvement will be recorded from fall 2013 onward. Students can access their unofficial cocurricular transcript at, where they can also order an official release of the transcript. Students are encouraged to view their unofficial transcript to check for accuracy. Questions about the content of their transcript should be sent to For now the transcript, which most often carries a small fee, will be delivered at no cost.

Muthersbaugh says that when students request the transcript they can decided whether they want it delivered immediately or delivered after the end of the term or after graduation in order to have a more comprehensive record.

“Our students are so involved in so many things. They’re awesome, and to me this is like a service back to the students,” said Muthersbaugh.

Posted May 10, 2016


Student missions service is just one area tracked on the new cocurricular transcript.