Center for Educational Equity and Diversity

School of Education and Psychology hosts first CEED event

The Walla Walla University School of Education and Psychology recently formed the Center for Educational Equity and Diversity to increase research and strengthen practices on topics related to diversity and fairness in education.

Current CEED projects include establishing local partnerships, facilitating diverse population enrollment in the School of Education and Psychology, conducting statistical analysis on the department’s progress, and spreading information about the program through the center’s journal. “The WWU School of Education and Psychology is committed to fostering the unique gifts of each individual and [celebrating] their diversity,” said Debbie Muthersbaugh, CEED director and associate professor of education. Everything CEED aims to accomplish originates from this commitment.

The CEED staff works with many local educators and students, so the team dedicated an office space in Smith Hall as a place to meet with people and perform daily functions. Currently, six WWU faculty and staff oversee CEED, and two student employees help with general operations and statistical research.

The first CEED event will feature Erin Jones, a professional educator with a commitment to transforming education. According to Muthersbaugh, Jones was invited to speak “because of her powerful personal story, her background in teaching and higher education, and commitment to hope and opportunity through education.” In addition to speaking, Jones will offer training to local K-12 teachers, university-level educators, and anyone with a passion for promoting equity and diversity in the field of education.

The inaugural workshop begins at 4 p.m. on Monday, May 22, in the Winter Educational Complex, Room 209. While there is no cost to attend the event, interested participants should RSVP to register for event activities and a light dinner.

“Our belief is that we are all God’s children, created in His image, which gives inestimable value and worth to every individual, no matter their race, gender, cultural or social background, and inherent intellectual or physical abilities,” Muthersbaugh said. After two years of laying the groundwork, the CEED staff finally made headway toward creating a more inclusive and supportive culture at Walla Walla University.

Learn more about the CEED and undergraduate and graduate degrees in the WWU School of Education and Psychology.

Posted May 16, 2017

Debbie Muthersbaugh
CEED Director Debbie Muthersbaugh has a doctorate in curriculum and education and she teaches both undergraduate and graduate-level courses in the WWU School of Education and Psychology.
Neria Sebastien
CEED Co-Director Neria Sebastien has two master's degrees, one in teaching exceptional adolescents and another in educational leadership and administration. He joined the WWU faculty in 2016.