Car Treble

2019 graduate of WWU film program wins two awards at Sonscreen Film Festival


This spring, Car Treble, a film by the Associated Students of Walla Walla University, was selected for two Sonscreen Film Festival awards at the Troesh Conference Center of La Sierra University in Riverside, California. The film, a musical about Walla Walla, Washington, showcases the skills of several WWU students, including 2019 graduate and director of the film, Clayton Kruse. Kruse said the inspiration for the film “came from my personal love for musicals and a fascination that I've had with them from a young age. They are just FUN!”

The film involved student actors, camera operators, and editors who developed many warm memories and positive relationships on the set. Kruse remarked that the production phase was the highlight for him: “We had a shoot or a rehearsal nearly every day of spring quarter! Watching the story come alive and seeing the relationships grow on screen and among the crew was amazing to see. Everyone came together to make it happen and although we had several roadblocks we always found a way around.” 

Not only does the film highlight the talents of Kruse, but also of many other WWU students, including the songwriting skills of Jared Jamieson and Noah Dauncey; the cinematography, production, and editing skills of Jordan Barnett and Andrew Yamada, and the acting skills of many others. The final version was edited and produced by a new creative media group Kruse started called AFTER95 Creative. Car Treble won two awards at the 2019 Sonscreen Film Festival—the Honorable Mention in the Dramatic Short category and the Jury Selection Award.

The Film Festival is a yearly event for Christian filmmakers and those with a passion for film to share their relevant productions. The Sonscreen Film Festival started in 2002 and has quickly become a place for beginning Christian filmmakers to gather, showcase their work, meet other film and media students, and gain wisdom from film professionals. WWU was represented by several student-produced, award-winning films, including Car Treble.

Posted July 15, 2019

red car on road with two young men nearby and wheat fields beyond.
Car Treble won two awards at Sonscreen Film Festival, including Jury Selection and Honorable Mention in the Dramatic Short category.
chrome sculpture on nose of car against blue summer sky
WWU students find beauty in expression through film and visual media at the Sonscreen Film Festival.