'Building on the Past'

Berglin presentations highlight eschatology in the Old Testament

Brant Berglin, assistant professor of biblical studies, was the main presenter at the Center for Bible, Faith, and Mission theology seminar this year.

The CBFM is an outreach program run by the School of Theology that ministers to Seventh-day Adventist churches particularly in the Pacific Northwest. The program focuses on relating scripture to concerns of the church through seminars, speaking appointments, and Bible commentaries. “Most importantly, to me it’s sharing Jesus in a real way,” says Berglin.

Berglin gave two presentations during the weekend conference, which was held at the Sunnyside Adventist Church in Portland, Oregon. The first, “The End from the Beginning: Understanding Eschatology in the Old Testament,” highlighted the Old Testament view of the end times; the second, “Building on the Past: Reading Revelation in Light of the Old Testament,” focused on the relationship between Revelation, the Old Testament and the end times.

“My hope is that the audience left understanding the unity of the overall message of God in relation to the end of time,” says Berglin. “God has a plan and purpose for how He wants things to turn out in the world. He gives us increasing understanding of this throughout the Bible.”

Other presenters at the seminar included Alden Thompson, professor of biblical studies, who preached on Sabbath morning, and Dave Thomas, dean of the School of Theology and professor of practical theology and apologetics, who spoke for Sabbath vespers.

“I think Adventists really hunger for more about eschatology, Daniel, and Revelation,” says Berglin. “I would love to do another seminar, whether it is at Sunnyside again or elsewhere.”  

Berglin has been a professor at WWU since 2013. He holds a bachelor’s degree in theology from WWU and a master of divinity degree from Andrews University. He is currently completing his doctoral dissertation from Andrews University.

Posted June 22, 2017

Portait of Brant Berglin.
Professor Brant Berglin was the featured speaker for the Center for Bible, Faith, and Mission theology seminar in 2017.