Basketball season wrap-up

Coaches and players look back at senior night


On February 19, senior night took place in the Winter Education Complex at the last women and men’s basketball games of the season. Two senior athletes were honored, each being the captain of their team.

Zayne Browning, senior health science major, served as a leader for the men’s basketball team season. In the intense game Saturday night, Browning made his last two free-throws to win the game 72-71.

The men’s head basketball coach, Brandon Broome, shared his perspective of the game: “I am glad it could be him (Browning) in that moment. I wanted us to get that win and have that nice moment at the end of one of our key players’ careers.” Browning made a total of 254 free throws throughout his career.

Browning appreciated the challenge of playing against skilled players in the cascade conference. Beyond improving their skills, playing basketball allows athletes to bond together: “The connections I’ve made while I’ve been here will last forever whether lifelong friends or a relationship with coach or other staff members,” Browning described.

Carolina Montes, senior global development major, ended her career on a bittersweet note by scoring a total of 19 points but losing the game overall. “Carolina has done so much for the university and for the program. The game didn’t go how we wanted, but I was still proud of the team’s effort,” said Tony Nakashima, women’s basketball head coach.

There are several program records held by Montes from her collegiate career, as well as earning the CCC All-Conference Honorable Mention this season. “I had to be selfless and support my team in whatever they needed this season. It is about what is coming next and helping the team grow as much as possible to leave them in a good place so they can build the next few years,” Montes explained.

Both team’s coaches are looking forward to next season even with their senior captains leaving. There is a lot of potential for a successful season with their current players. Kiandre Gaddy, junior business major, scored 1,00 points within 50 games this past season. Bella Robles, junior nursing major, led the women’s team with 31 points on their first ever win against College of Idaho this February.

The coaches and players expressed how proud they are of their team’s growth this past season and are working hard to prepare for next year. “Looking back over the season, the team grew so much and came so far. While I won’t be a part of it, I’m excited to see what they become next year,” said Browning.

Posted on March 3, 2022 

Carolina Montes smiles with her coach, Tony Nakashima.
Carolina Montes made a total of 1,484 points throughout her career.
Zayne Browning shoots a jump shot.
Zayne Browning and the Wolves beat Southern Oregon on senior night.
Zayne Browning smiles with his coach, Brandon Broome.
Zayne Browning made a total of 1,093 points throughout his career.