2015 Undergraduate Academic Symposium

Students from a wide range of disciplines presented their research and other projects at the third annual WWU symposium

Structures category:
The Fight for the Aleutians
by Victoria Buell, history major

Fabrication of Melanin Containing Nanofiber Scaffolds for Neural Tissue Engineering
by Patrick McGee, bioengineering major, pre-med

Image Reconstruction from Computed Tomography Scans
by Howard Heaton, math, physics, and computer science major

Organization category:
3-D Bio-printing
by Katie Sweezy and Shelby Shotwell, mechanical engineering majors

Unforgettable: An In-depth Look at Three Factors that Shaped the Radical Bold Leadership of Malcolm X from 1960-1965
by Kofi Twumasi, history major

YMCA Market Research
Cedric Larson and Amanda Eldevik, marketing majors

Sustainability category:
Food Insecurity Among Grade School Children
by Megan Mobbley, social work major

Ocean Acidification and its Effects on the Hypoxia Tolerance of Octopus Rubescens
by Taylir Schrock, biology major

Farm to Table: Ethical Principles for Doing Business in a Global Food Economy
by Andrew Rapp, business administration major

Construction category:
Design and Testing of an Automated Electrospin Machine
by Michael Rafuse, mechanical engineering major

A Financial Comparison of SDA-Affiliated Credit Unions on the West Coast
by Stephanie Lampson, Amanda Preston, and Andrew Rapp, business administration/finance and applied mathematics majors

E-Street Driving School Website
by Nathan Isaac, web design major

Responsibility category:
Antimicrobial Effects of 3-D Printing Filaments
by Michael Wilkinson, biology major

University Students' Attitudes of Entitlement
by Kayla Grussling, social work major

Two Sides of the Fence
by Kenneth Johnson, history major

Tradition category:
Social Integration of Non-Traditional Undergraduate Students at Walla Walla University
by Maryelizabeth Garcia, social work major

Male Players and a Female Head Coach. How Does Gender Affect Perceptions?
by Seth White, international communications major

Ungentlemanly Agents: The Work of the F Section Women in the Special Operations Executive
by Rychelle Willis, history and mathematics major

Perspectives category:
Perfusion Bioreactor for Cell Culture
by Tyler Hissong, mechanical engineering major

Endurance Hybrid Quadcopter
by Bryce Hill, Michael Slusser, Travis Crumley, and Dane Purkeypile, engineering majors

by Mary Aparicio, English major

by Andrea Johnson, English major

Real Time Digital Polar Pattern Synthesizer
by Mark Hildebrand, electrical engineering major

Posted July 2, 2015

Shelby Shotwell (left) and Katie Sweezy presented their 3-D printing senior project at the 2015 Undergraduate Academic Symposium.