Faculty and Staff Housing Information

PLEASE NOTE: The information provided below is a brief summary of housing information for prospective faculty/staff residents. It is not a substitute for rental agreement terms and policies.

Apply for Housing
Housing Application (must have WWU login credentials as a faculty/staff member to use)
Alternate Housing Application

Housing Eligibility
WWU housing for faculty and staff is intended to be for short-term, transitional use for full-time, benefit-eligible employees.

Eligible employees may reside only in the university’s taxable properties (Faculty Court Apartments and several houses). Because demand for housing often exceeds supply, housing applicants are placed on a waitlist and prioritized. Except in case of emergency, in which the housing department reserves the right to adjust the waitlist, applicants are prioritized as follows:

  1. Employees already living in Village Housing who have been given an emergency priority status based on recommendation from Rental Properties.
  2. Newly hired employees moving from outside of the Walla Walla Valley.
  3. Employees living outside of the Walla Walla Valley who are moving to the College Place Campus.
  4. Employees living in non-university-owned housing.
  5. Employees already living in Village Housing who wish to transfer from one university-owned property to another. 

Housing offers are made when there is knowledge that housing will become available. Housing not accepted is offered to the next person on the waitlist. It is difficult to predict when a housing offer would be given. If an offer is accepted, occupancy must take place within 30 days.

Notice on Policies
Village Housing is an extension of Walla Walla University and all university policies apply. Walla Walla is legally exempt from the Landlord-Tenant Laws pursuant to 59.18.040(1). 

The Rental Agreement, the Village Housing Handbook and the Walla Walla University Employee Handbook contain the terms of the rental agreement.

Non-Refundable Housing Administration Fee
Before taking occupancy of a reserved unit, the employee is to pay a non-refundable housing administration fee. This is for use by the university for general administrative and routine property turnover costs. It does not cover damages or extra cleaning needed after the property has been vacated. The fee is $175 for a one-bedroom residence and $350 for a 2+ bedroom residence. The housing fee may be paid through payroll deduction, online using electronic check or credit card, or by cash or check at time of check in.

Rent Payments
The university does not charge a first- or last-month's rent up front. Rent is prorated based on the date of check in and paid through payroll deductions. Half of the monthly rent amount is deducted from the first payroll of the month, and the second half is deducted from the second payroll of the month. At the time of move-in, Village Housing will notify the payroll department to begin deductions.

Rental Agreement
Rental agreements are for a term of 6 months. Upon expiration of the 6-month term, the rental agreement may continue on a month-to-month basis.

Faculty and staff may be approved, in advance, to maintain up to 2 common household pets with a $500 non-refundable fee for each pet and a signed addendum. Pets may not be kept outside and must be under control of the resident at all times when outside the home (on leash not longer than 6 feet).

In addition to rent, the resident is responsible for all utilities and services not provided by the university, such as electricity, natural gas, and fuel oil. These vary depending on the property, and will be communicated when housing is offered and reserved.

Faculty Court Apartments
The university provides water and sewer service. Dumpsters are available for household trash. Wi-Fi internet is provided and supported through the university’s IT department.

Single-Family and Multi-Unit Houses
The university provides water, sewer, basic garbage, and lawn mowing service to a majority of the properties. Details are communicated when housing is offered and reserved.

Faculty Court Apartments
Faculty Court has a shared basement laundry site (pay-per-use). No dishwasher or air conditioning available. Residents are permitted to have their own window air conditioning units. Gravel parking lot.

Single-Family and Multi-Unit Houses
House units usually have laundry hookups but vary in availability of air conditioning, dishwashers, fencing, parking spaces, and garages or storage, and can be discussed when housing is offered.

Moving In
Dependent on housing availability, a prospective employee who has been reserved for housing may check in at the Village Housing office during business hours and take occupancy within two (2) weeks prior to the employment start date once the human resources department has confirmed that all of the employment requirements have been met.

Moving Out
The university requires a thirty (30) day move-out notice. Individuals who fail to give the minimum notice may forfeit up to thirty (30) days of rent. Family members residing with the employee are required to vacate in tandem.

Any rent charges not paid for by payroll deductions will be added to the employee’s university account, and must be paid for separately by the 1st of the month.

Termination of Employment
The employee is required to vacate within two 2 weeks (14 days) following the last day of employment. Employee will continue to be bound by and expected to comply with the terms of the Walla Walla University Village Housing Residential Rental Agreement and the Walla Walla University Village Housing Handbook through the date the property is vacated.