Village Club Grills

The Village Club propane grills are located in the Mountain View courtyard.


  • Grills are exclusively for enrolled students living off campus, fall through spring quarters.
  • A key may be checked at the Village Housing office. Keys must be returned by 9 AM the next business day. 
  • Grill use is restricted to 8AM-10PM.
  • Vehicles may not be driven or parked on the lawn.
  • Do not leave grill unattended.
  • Keep combustible materials away from grills.
  • Do not wear loose flowing clothing while using grills.
  • Never touch the cooking grate to see if it is hot. Grill gloves are provided in the cabinet should you need them.
  • One grill (north facing) is designated for meat. The other grill (south facing) is designated for vegetarian use only. 
  • Grills and surrounding area need to be left clean after each use. Trash needs to be taken with you.
  • WWU reserves the right to restrict grill use at any time.


  1. Before using, verify all knobs are off. Open the lid and cabinet. SLOWLY turn on propane (counter clockwise). WAIT 60 SECONDS.
  2. Turn the LEFT silver knob to the flame icon. Then press the ignite button for 2-5 seconds to light. If it does not light, turn knobs off, wait 5 minutes, and repeat.
  3. After lighting ONE burner, you may light additional burners, if needed. Set knobs to desired setting.
  4. When done cooking, turn knobs on high for 10 minutes with lid closed to cook off any food remnants. As a safety precaution, do not use any wire brushes for cleaning. 
  5. Residual food may be wiped off with crumpled aluminum foil (the grate can be cold or warm, not hot). Always wear gloves provided. See video for basic instructions.
  6. Shut off all knobs and turn off propane (clockwise).
  7. Lock up cabinet and close lid when cool.
  8. Return key to Village Housing.


Email or call Village Housing at (509) 527-2109.