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Para Español: Recursos y Preguntas Frecuentes

Residential Life Handbook 

The Residential Life Handbook contains helpful information on resident rights, services and resources, housing options, residence hall policies, and more.

Fall Residence Hall Housing Application

  • Choose your roommate
  • Reserve a room
  • Fill out a leave request

Off-campus housing

Are you eligible? Check the residential life and housing policy to see if you qualify for off-campus housing.

Submit a maintenance request

If you need a repair made in your room, submit a maintenance request to alert Facility Services of the issue.

Your room will be assigned once you complete BOTH of the these steps:

  1. Pay your $200 enrollment fee.
    • Your enrollment fee is an essential step to getting a roommate and reserving your room.You can't be matched to a roommate or assigned until your enrollment fee is paid. The earlier the payment, the earlier the room assignment.
  2. Complete a residence hall application
    • If you know who you want as a roommate, list their name on your application,and complete a roommate group on abode with your chosen roommate (Note, your roommate must also complete an application and pay their enrollment fee before your room can be assigned.)
    • Even if you don't know who you want as a roommate, please completely fill out the application, we can use this information to find a roommate for you after you pay your enrollment fee.

After you complete BOTH of these steps, we will confirm your roommate match, and send you an e-mail with detailed information about your room, roommate and address.

In order to provide residents with the best possible move-in experience, we ask residents to move-in on their assignment move-in day (new incoming students: Sunday, 9/17 and returning students: Sunday, 9/24). To request an earlier move in date and time, please submit your early move in request by submitting this form: Early Move-In Request. Priority for Friday appointments may be granted to students traveling 400+ miles away. Please submit your early move in request by Friday, 9/1.

We provide a bunk bed, two desks and chairs, shelves, closet space, and two sets of dressers. Each room has blinds, a sink and mirror, and internet connections for two residents. Furnishings will vary room to room across each residence halls.

  • Twin-size bed linens (XL recommended—36" x 80”)
  • Towels, washcloths, toiletries/shower items
  • Desk and/or floor lamps (No halogen)
  • Large wastebasket
  • Cleaning supplies for your room
  • High-efficiency laundry detergent only
  • Removable command strips to hang posters, etc., on walls

Optional items:

  • Room decorations (please bring only items that reflect a Christian lifestyle)
  • Carpet or rugs
  • Computer and printer
  • Any cooking appliance will need prior dean approval
  • Microwave, small refrigerator (max. 4.5 cubic feet)
  • Bicycle
  • TV
  • Surge protector
  • Vacuum

Items not allowed:

  • Lighters, matches, candles, incense, fireworks, anything used with an open flame
  • Firearms/weapons (any knife with a blade longer than three inches), paintball or airsoft guns, ammunition
  • Bed frame or mattress
  • Pets
  • Any cooking appliance will need prior dean approval
  • Extension cords
  • Vaporizers, e-cigs, or other paraphernalia

Priority for paying to live alone is given to juniors and seniors. In general, freshmen are required to have roommates. In special circumstances, deans may grant room-alone privileges to underclassmen.

If you don't have a roommate in mind, we'll use the information on the residence hall application to match one for you. We'll notify you via e-mail with a prospective match. Once you and the prospective match agree, both of you must confirm the match via e-mail before a room can be assigned. If the prospective match doesn't work out, we'll try to match you again.

Foreman/Conard Halls

Your Name
Conard/Foreman Hall (Room #)
200 SE Ash Ave.
College Place, WA 99324

Sittner/Meske Halls

Your Name
Sittner/Meske (Room #)
201 SW. 1st Street
College Place, WA 99324


Although curfews differ depending on the resident's age (see below), room check for all residence hall residents is at 9 p.m. This is a safety check to make sure each student is accounted for on a daily basis. Students wishing to leave the residence hall overnight must submit a request online.

18 years and under1:00 a.m.
19 to 20 years2:00 a.m.
21 yeas and older5:00 a.m.

Contact the dean on duty by calling:

Foreman/Conard (509) 527–2531
Sittner (509) 527–2111
Director of residential life and housing: (509) 527-2539

Worship is an integral part of the residence hall experience at Walla Walla University. Gathering for worship serves as a daily reminder of who we are and why we are here. Together, we develop a sense of Christian community and encourage each other through Christian fellowship. Individually, worship enhances spiritual growth and strengthens the habit of daily devotions. 

Worship Policy

All residence hall students are expected to attend campus worships. Students obtain worship credit by turning in worship cards after the completion of a worship program.

Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors who live in the residence halls must accrue 16 worship credits per quarter. Students with senior standing (defined as having 135+ credits) or who are over the age of 22 are welcome and encouraged to participate, but do not have any attendance expectations.

Worship Program Schedule

Worship programs are held Monday through Friday in various locations. See the Campus Ministries page for an interactive schedule of the worship programs available on campus. 

Residents leaving their residence hall overnight are required to submit a leave request (available online) 24 hours before your departure. To extend an overnight leave request, or change request information, please call the dean on duty. Check for online confirmation of requests. Residents are expected to spend a minimum of four nights per week in residence halls.

Students may move in to the residence halls beginning the Sunday before classes start in any given quarter.*
If you need to move in earlier than this, you must make prior arrangements with a dean and your rent will be prorated accordingly.

When you arrive to move in, the check-in process begins at the front desk of the residence hall.

 *The only exception to this is for students participating in the JumpStart program prior to the commencement of fall quarter classes.

Laundry machines are available in each residence hall for resident use. All machines are high efficiency, front loading machines (and free to use as the charge to use them is built into your housing costs!).

 Walla Walla University is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to qualified students with disabilities, including an equal opportunity to use and enjoy university housing. Students with disabilities who seek to bring an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) to any of the Walla Walla University campuses must first contact Disability Support Services (DSS) or visit their website. Learn more about the policies for support animals in the residence halls >​​​​​​​