Aug. 23 - Sept. 12, 2023


The Thailand Outreach and Cultural Trip is back! After a few years off due to travel restrictions, Dr. Peditro Maynard-Reid is leading a group trip that has become an annual tradition and opportunity to continue long-standing relationships built over many generations of Walla Walla University students.

Service projects include:

  • English Camp at the McGovern Elementary School
  • Community nursing
  • Community health in surrounding towns and villages
  • Fruit and vegetable farm assistance to an invalid Thai farmer
  • Branch Sabbath School
  • Work at Bamboo School in Kanchanaburi

Cultural projects include:

  • Visiting Buddhist temples and interacting with and understanding religious culture
  • Touring historical sites, both urban and rural
  • Touring national parks
  • Interacting and learning from local people, both in the academic setting and in towns and villages
  • Weekend on Koh Samed Island

For more information contact Pedrito Maynard-Reid.

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The following trip participants are seeking assistance to reach their fundraising goal. To donate, use the Thailand trip donation page, and in the "solicitor" box, add the name of the participant you choose. You may also email the Chaplain's Office at to find out how close participants are to their goals.

  • Madeleine Bell
  • Mitchel Bryce
  • Nancy Irland
  • Julie Kamada
  • Allyson Lopez-Garcia
  • Deanna Ludwig-Bos
  • Carlos McDonald
  • Keziah Perez