Aug. 24 - Sept. 13, 2022


The Thailand Outreach and Cultural Trip is back! After a few years off due to travel restrictions, Dr. Peditro Maynard-Reid is leading a group trip that has become an annual tradition and opportunity to continue long-standing relationships built over many generations of Walla Walla University students.

Service projects include:

  • English Camp at the McGovern Elementary School
  • Community nursing
  • Community health in surrounding towns and villages
  • Fruit and vegetable farm assistance to an invalid Thai farmer
  • Branch Sabbath School
  • Work at Bamboo School in Kanchanaburi

Cultural projects include:

  • Visiting Buddhist temples and interacting with and understanding religious culture
  • Touring historical sites, both urban and rural
  • Touring national parks
  • Interacting and learning from local people, both in the academic setting and in towns and villages
  • Weekend on Koh Samed Island

For more information contact Pedrito Maynard-Reid.

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