Guide to Service: Vision

  • Meet with returned SMs.
  • Meet with the associate chaplain for missions.
    • Discuss and choose several calls where you would like to serve.
  • Submit completed application to the North American Division or to an independent calling organization.

* * *

Choosing a call
After approval by the WWU Screening Committee, you will meet with the missions chaplain to start searching for the right call. Finding a location begins with a passion for service. Whether the passion is teaching, kids, or evangelism, we will work with each student to try to find an available location that fits. Usually students identify three or more preferences and submit their application for those calls, like submitting a résumé for a job. The administration at the call then accepts or declines the application. Take a look at some of our mission opportunities

    • Domestic calls. Domestic calls include any location within the continental United States. Since taskforce students often make their own travel arrangements to travel to their respective calls, each student is only responsible for raising money to cover the Student Missions fee. These calls often include deaning positions at academies.
    • Adventist Volunteer Service. These calls are affiliated with the General Conference and are listed on These calls include a living stipend, along with provided housing and insurance for volunteers. These calls include the Pacific islands calls.
    • Independent calls. Independent calls require the student to cover his or her own living stipend and insurance. Although costs vary, these add an additional $200 to $300 per month of service to your fundraising needs; that is why these calls cost about $2,000 more than a call where those costs are covered. Although these calls are not affiliated with the General Conference volunteer system, they are for reputable organizations such as Adventist Frontier Missions. All orphanage calls are independent.

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