Guide to Service: Apply

We're here to help you each step of your journey! It all starts with the application...

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Starting the application
Once you have met with a team member at The Atlas, you will get an email from the SM Application team to ask if you would like to start an application. After they hear from you, they will place a checklist that you will see on your myWWU dashboard. You are welcome to reach out anytime for support or with any questions that come up.

Online forms

PDF forms

Physical copy

  • Passport 

myWWU checklist

Once you let us know you would like to start an application, our Application team will assign an SM checklist. This list is not necessarily in order, but helps you know what will need to be done, start to finish.

Online forms

These help us get to know you better and help us prepare you to officially serve through our program. You will also get to know the details of the Student Missions program as you read through the Policies and Procedures. Please let us know if you have any questions on any of these.

Beneficiary and Release of Liability forms

These forms are needed for VividFaith and NAD calls, but we collect them from everyone to make sure we are able to send you to any call if there are changes. They also let us know that you are aware of the limits of liability, as well as who should receive insurance money if something were to happen to you.


Applying for a call is like applying for a job. The organization where you are hoping to serve needs to know the skills and experience of its applicants in order to find the best fit for its service needs. If you need assistance creating a résumé, the Student Development Center is a great place to visit for tips and advice on what to include on your résumé. You can bring a copy of your résumé to the Chaplain’s Office or email a copy to


To send a reference, simply copy and paste the Reference form link into an email or message to your reference. We require a minimum of three completed references for our application. One reference must be completed by a pastor, and one must be from a professional (i.e. teacher, employer, mentor), and one can be from a friend. Family members do not count as a reference. We highly recommend you send out more than three reference forms as this helps ensure you will receive the minimum required number of references. Please note that you will likely need a few more references later depending on the requirements of the mission organization where you are applying.

Health Clearance (physical and mental)

We recommend that the Health Clearance is completed at the College Place Health Clinic, as they are prepared to do a basic physical and mental health screening for SMs. However, you may want to check with your your parents or personal insurance to find out the most affordable option. If you choose another clinic, or if the College Place Health Clinic recommends it, you will need to follow up with the Counseling and Testing Center for an additional mental health clearance. To schedule an appointment with the College Place Health Clinic, call (509) 382-8349.

Passport copy

If you are interested in serving outside the United States, we will need a physical copy of your passport on file for identification purposes and travel arrangements. Make sure your passport is signed and is not due to expire in the next two years as it will need to be valid throughout the time you are overseas. You can bring your passport to the Chaplain’s Office to be copied, or contact the SM office for a secure option to share it electronically.

Any more applications?

Yes, but it will be much easier once you have done the above. After you have passed the SM Screening Committee, you will meet with the Associate Chaplain for Missions and guided through the process of completing an application for VividFaith, NAD's, or other mission organization. This likely will include one more short online application, but all forms you have filled out already will be ready to send with the application.


Background screening
Each applicant is required to complete a child protection training course and background check through Sterling Volunteers. If you have recently completed this due to working at summer camp or serving as a volunteer at your church, please let us know so we can verify and mark this as complete. To complete the child protection training and background check, please complete the following steps: 

  1. Go to Sterling Volunteers login page for WWU students only.
  2. Create an account and enter information. If you have an existing account, see below.*
  3. When prompted to select your volunteer role, choose AVS Volunteer.
  4. After you finish entering your remaining information, you will be redirected to the training website. Once you have completed the training, you will be prompted to complete the background check.
  5. Send a screenshot of your completed course.

*If you have an existing account, log in if possible. If you recently went through the process, please send us documentation and we will mark it complete. If you get stuck, please contact the Associate Chaplain for Missions.

Screening Interview

This is about a 45-minute structured conversation to make sure we know each other well as you commit to the journey of student missions. This is also another great time to ask questions. 

To make an appointment:

Screening Committee
Once your application is complete, it will be reviewed by the Screening Committee and voted to either pass your application so you can continue the process, or postpone service if we feel it would be in your best interest to wait.

Apply to mission organization
Once you have been approved by the Screening Committee, you will work with the Associate Chaplain for Missions to apply to the mission organization you choose.

Please email all completed documents, copies, certificates, etc to