Guide to Service: Apply

Meet with someone from our student missions team. An application processor will help set you up for success as you organize your thoughts, complete your forms, and get excited about going as an SM! Once your application and a background check are completed, you will take some time with Chaplain Andrea so she can get to know you better and you can ask any questions you may have. Then your application will be sent to the NAD, and you will move on to the next step!

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Initial meeting
The initial application meeting is a great time for you to get to know your application guide. You can find out about the application process and ask any questions you might have about becoming an SM. If you are ready, we will also walk you through the application process to help you understand the steps to become an SM.

myWWU forms
The forms on myWWU help us get to know you better and tell how we can best support you while serving as an SM. They will also help us make your travel arrangements so that you can reach your destination safely. These forms can be found on your myWWU Student Center Classic page.

First, in the upper right-hand corner, click the green button labeled “Sign Documents.” Read through these forms and submit them. Once both forms are completed, the button will no longer appear on the page.

Second, at the bottom of the Student Center Classic page, you will see a link labeled “Student Missions Forms.” This link will take you to a page with a dropdown menu that includes three online forms that you must fill out and submit: the WWU SM application, the travel form, and the mailings preference form.

Your myWWU forms will only become available after you have set up your application meeting.

AVS application
The AVS application can be found on Once completed, this application provides personal details, employment and education information, references, and skills and interests. These assist us in finding you the right call.

We require a minimum of four completed references for each applicant. One reference must be completed by a pastor, two must be professional in nature (i.e. teacher, employer, mentor), and one can be completed by a friend or RA. You may not use a family member as a reference. We highly recommend you send out more than four reference forms as this helps ensure you will receive the minimum required number of references. The more references you have, the better your chance of acceptance to the calls you apply to. Reference forms can be found online with your AVS application or picked up from the Chaplain’s Office.

Health clearance (physical and mental)
This is similar to a physical checkup completed by a licensed medical professional. It can be completed at the University Health Clinic or by your primary care provider (PCP). In the event that our University Health Clinic staff feel it would be in your best interest to meet with a trained counselor for additional health clearance, you can easily do this by making an appointment with a provider at the Counseling and Testing Center. Also, if you choose to use your PCP, you will automatically need a letter of additional mental health clearance from the university. Stop by the Chaplain’s Office to pick up the required health clearance form before your appointment. Call (509) 527-2425 to schedule your appointment at the University Health Clinic.

Passport copy
Since you will most likely be traveling to another country, we need to have a copy of your passport on file for identification purposes and travel arrangements. Make sure your passport is not due to expire in the next two years as it will need to be valid throughout the time you are overseas. You can bring your passport to the Chaplain’s Office to be copied or you can scan your passport and email it to If you scan your passport to us, make sure it is a clear, full-color copy of both the signature and photo page.

Applying for a call is like applying for a job. The organization where you are hoping to serve needs to know the skills and experience of its applicants in order to find the best fit for its service needs. If you need assistance creating a résumé, the Student Development Center is a great place to visit for tips and advice on what to include on your résumé. You can bring a copy of your résumé to the Chaplain’s Office or email a copy to

Background screening
Each applicant is required to complete a volunteer safety training course and background screening. The steps to completing this screening are outlined below:

  1. Go to Adventist Screening Verification (this link is specifically for AVS volunteers).
  2. Select Washington and Walla Walla University for your home Union and Conference.
  3. Create a username and password, then enter your information.
  4. When prompted, select Walla Walla University for the primary location where you work or volunteer. 
  5. When prompted to select your volunteer role, choose AVS Volunteer.
  6. After you finish entering your remaining information, you will be redirected to the training website. Once you have completed the training, you will be prompted to complete the background check.
  7. Send a screenshot of your completed course.

Screening Interview

This is about a 45-minute structured conversation to make sure we know each other well as you commit to the journey of student missions. This is also another great time to ask questions. 

To make an appointment:

Screening committee
Once your application is complete, it will be reviewed and voted to either pass or postpone service depending on your situation and qualifications. Our goal is to find you a place to thrive.

Please email all completed documents, copies, certificates, etc to