Paul Glatts— Indonesia

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"Walking down the dimly lit street, dodging motorcycles and stray dogs, I was so proud of myself. Here I was, half the world away from any semblance of home, in a country where I didn't speak the language, and I had left the safety of my hotel to wander the streets of Sorong, Indonesia. 

As I strode down the sidewalk looking for some dinner, I felt my pocket for the reassuring shape of my hotel key. In a moment of sudden panic I realized it was not there. I had misplaced my key somewhere in the quarter-mile of slatted sidewalk that separated me from the security of my hotel room. It was after eight in the evening and the sun's guiding rays had long since vanished. For the next ten minutes I carefully retraced my steps alternating between feverish prayers and reassuring lies. Yet through the haze that filled my mind, I knew how clearly God had been guiding through my whole journey, and I knew he would see me through my current dilemma. 

As I rounded the corner leading to my hotel, I glimpsed the familiar shape of my key card teetering precariously on a slat of the sidewalk. At any time in the last fifteen minutes, a passing shoe or gust of wind could have sent my card between the boards and into the open water channel below. It seems God saw fit to put a hand around my key to cover my foolish blunder."

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Paul Glatts, a Student Missionary in the country of Indonesia