Spiritual Development

Spiritual Development is the stated goal of the Walla Walla University community. The Chaplain's Office is committed to helping students, staff, faculty and all that come in contact with the institution to reach that goal by magnifying the love of Jesus in our hearts, on our campus, and to the world.

For those that have left the Walla Walla University community the Chaplain's Office has set up a program called Beyond WWU to help graduates smoothly transition into life outside the university environment.

The Chaplain's Office has also developed a Spiritual Master Plan to ensure that the goals of providing opportunity for spiritual growth, enrichment and interaction are achieved.

Spiritual Master Plan

Walla Walla University is intent on helping each student grow in their faith journey. For complete details, refer to the latest Spiritual Master Plan (pdf), and the evaluation report for this plan (pdf).

The Chaplain's Office at WWU provides the heart on the campus for spiritual programs, planning, and personnel. Primary leadership is by Campus Chaplain, Albert Handal, along with Andrea Keele, Associate Chaplain for Missions. Other areas of leadership include Campus Ministries; Student Missions; Chapels and Spiritual Development; ASWWU Spiritual Vice Presidents, and Community Service.

The Walla Walla University Spiritual Mission states that the college is "committed to embodying and reflecting a Seventh-day Adventist Christ-centered life in love, in truth, and in practice by both experiencing and extending the love of God through discipleship, integrity, and service—to the glory of God; in the spirit of Jesus."

Well known for its sense of spiritual mission, Walla Walla University provides countless opportunities for spiritual growth, enrichment, and interaction.