Small group leader responsibilities

Do not coordinate transportation. If your group would like to meet at a location that requires transportation, each member should find their own ride. Walla Walla University is not liable for any accidents that occur.


If your group involves any risk, members of your group will need to fill out a waiver.
Example: "Football Fellowship"
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Extreme situations
If members of your group are experiencing suicidal thoughts or going through the loss of a family member and having difficulty coping, refer the situation to a mental health professional. In any situation that you lack knowledge or experience, please get in touch with a trained professional. Look out for the members in your group, but know your limitations.


Submit a small group sign-in form
If your small group has been approved to receive worship credit, submit an attendance form after each meeting. Please be aware that worship credit is only given if the group meets for at least 30 minutes, and credit is not available for groups meeting on Friday or Saturday.