We'll arrange for your students to stay in dorm rooms with college students, just like at tournaments or UDays, and we'll arrange rooms for one sponsor with his or her spouse if applicable.

We'll provide a meal on Friday evening, as well as all meals on Sabbath, Saturday evening, and then breakfast type snacks for your drive home.

We'll be done with the official aspect of the program after dinner on Saturday, so if you needed to leave Saturday evening you could; however, we will also host a social that night and you can stay Saturday night and leave whenever you need to on Sunday.

Along with training, we will send you information to have your students leaders take a leadership strengths inventory called StrengthsQuest, and we also hope to provide a book resource and t-shirt.

StrengthsQuest is a leadership inventory developed by Gallup Inc., the same people that do all those surveys, to help a leader determine their top FIVE leadership strengths. We'll explain the philosophy behind them and how to use them once you know them, but it's a great resource with tons of access to online materials once you've taken the inventory. The cost is $12.00 per person, but the WWU Chaplain's Office will cover that cost as well.

Go to StrengthsQuest Website

Transportation is the only cost we're hoping you can cover, we'll cover the rest: lodging, food, resources, etc.