CommUnity Attendance Policy

  1. Undergraduate students are required to complete at least eleven (11) CommUnity program credits fall, winter, and spring quarter. Attendance by administration, faculty, staff, and all WWU students is encouraged.
  2. Check in for CommUnity program attendance is taken at each program from 11:00 a.m. to 11:10 a.m. Students will be permitted 10 minutes to check out after the completion of the CommUnity program.
    Week of Worship programs are held Monday through Friday fall and winter quarter and are available to attend for CommUnity credit. Check in and check out time are adjusted according to the Week of Worship schedule.
  3. Students must check in and out using their iAttended app and attend the entire program to receive credit.
  4. Students without a QR code scanner may attend the CommUnity program for credit by emailing their name, student ID number, the date, the name of the speaker, and a summary of the CommUnity program to: Students will be able to receive credit this way no more than twice per quarter.
  5. Students are responsible for ensuring their CommUnity program attendance is accurately recorded in their iAttended app.
  6. Should a student’s CommUnity attendance not be accurately recorded in iAttended, the student has 72 hours from the time of the program to contact the CommUnity office at for correction. The CommUnity program credit record will not be corrected for any program after the 72 hour deadline.

Attendance Exemptions

Students who have verified work-related conflicts may appeal for a reduction in CommUnity attendance requirements. CommUnity Reduction in Attendance Request forms are valid on a quarter by quarter basis and may be obtained from the office of the Dean of Students (at the street level of Kellogg Hall). A complete work schedule and class schedule are required with each quarters’ Reduction in Attendance Request form. This form must be submitted to the Dean of Students by the first Friday of the quarter.

While all WWU students are invited and encourage to attend CommUnity programs, attendance is not required for:

  1. Students fulfilling mandatory student teaching or internship requirements.
  2. Students serving as student missionaries or studying in the Adventist Colleges Abroad program.
  3. Students holding a baccalaureate degree.
  4. Students enrolled for less than six (6) credit hours.
  5. Students with dependent children in their immediate care.
  6. Students who are married.
  7. Students who are at least 25 years of age.


Students who do not meet the CommUnity program attendance policy may be subject to the following:

  1. CommUnity Probation Status for the current quarter, and after two quarters of probation status, the student may be subject to dismissal from WWU.
  2. Loss of campus privileges, which may include: varsity and intramural sports teams participation, ASWWU and class officer leadership, and/or other restrictions.
  3. Registration restrictions.
  4. Other discipline which may be determined.