Community Impact Certificate

The Community Impact Certificate is designed to provide students with a transformative complement to their chosen academic education at Walla Walla University, impacting them personally and professionally by: 


  • Exposing them to new ideas about culture and society, and their place in it; 
  • Engaging them in real-world projects and experiences that demand skillful leadership, hard work, and diplomacy; 
  • Challenging them to think critically about responsible development and community impact practices; 


  • Connecting them with resources that help them build industry connections and experience; 
  • Developing their cross-cultural communications skills. 
  • Help them develop the skills to assess communities’ needs and develop strategies to respond to those needs.  



This program aims to engage all of its students deeply, fostering a focused community that actively learns, grows and serves together. When the requirements for the emphasis are met, they will receive a certificate on their transcript and diploma that can be seen as representing a degree of expertise in preparing them for humanitarian careers. 


Curricular Components (Total of 18-20 credits for completion) 


Core Class Requirements (4 Credits) Class Name Credits
SERV 293 Community Impact Seminar I 2
SERV 493 Community Impact Seminar II 2
SERV 393 Community Engagement Experience 0*
“Keystone” Core Class Requirements – Must select at least one (credits may also count for the requirement in one of the following sections)    
ENGR 390 Engineering in a Global Context 4
ECON 220 Principles of Global Development 4
TECH 321 Technology and Society 4
RELM 303 World Religions 4
COMM 325 Multicultural Communication 3
Ethics and Religion (3-4 credits)    
RELH 303 World Religions 4
RELM 233 Intro to Cross-Cultural Ministry 3
HONR 348 Topics in World Religious Thought 4
RELT 348 Christian Ethics 4
GBUS 463 Business Ethics 4
PHIL 305 Moral Philosophy 4
Culture and Sociology (7-8)    
ENGR 390 Engineering in a Global Context 4
COMM 325 Multicultural Communication 3
ANTH 225 Cultural Anthropology 4
SOCI 204 General Sociology 4
SOCI 234 Current Social Problems 4
SOCI 236 Privilege and Oppression 4
SOCI 420 Immigration and Identity 4
TECH 321 Technology and Society 4
LANG 406 Language and Culture 4
Up to 4 credits of any language sequence (Introductory, Intermediate, or Advanced)    
Business (4 credits)    
MGMT 380 Principles of Project Management 4
MGMT 488 Global Management and Marketing 4
ECON 220 Principles of Global Development 4
*Community Engagement Experience    

*The Community Engagement Experience is designed to immerse students in cultural experiences as they receive experiential learning in community impact. The criteria for successful assignments are that students participate in a minimum of 80 hours of immersion in a different culture while participating in community impact. Acceptable assignments include...

  • A study experience in a cultural context (ACA, Study Abroad, internship etc.) involving a community impact project. Templates are provided for students wishing to conduct a community needs assessment, develop a business or marketing plan for a local humanitarian service organization, or students may identify their own project given approval by the CICP Committee. 
  • A work or service experience in a cultural context (EWB, SM, Maranatha, Peace Corps., Non-Governmental Organization, ADRA, ACS etc.) 
  • A short to long-term service social impact project through the CHE working with community with a focus on exposing students to new cultures and populations. (Blue Zones Project, ACS Advocate Program, Millennium Fellowship Program, etc.)  

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