Blue Zones: Walla Walla

We invite you to participate in our upcoming events and attend the Connect Summit with Blue Zones Project Walla Walla Valley this April! All presentations are free and open to the public. Discussions are focused on how to achieve personal, workplace, and community well-being. Blue Zones Project will also share accomplishments already reached in the Walla Walla Valley and how we can CONNECT and realize future goals. Please, CONNECT with us at the summit!

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The Walla Walla Valley Blue Zones Project officially launched June 2021 with a community celebration in College Place at Lion’s Park. Thanks to all who attended!

Watch a short clip of what it was like here!

Look below for more information as well as upcoming Blue Zones events.


August 2021

On August 26, Blue Zones Project Walla Walla Valley is hosting a Purpose Workshop at the Walla Walla Senior Citizens Center, 9 - 11 a.m.

The workshop will help you pinpoint your purpose and find your why.  This event is completely free!  For more information and to sign up, click the link below!

Find Your Purpose

Blue Zones Project Walla Walla Valley invites you to participate in Yoga in the Park, August 28, 9 - 10 a.m., Washington Park.  This is a free event, for more information, click the link below.

Breathe in / Breathe out

June 2021

Blue Zones Project Walla Walla Valley has officially set a launch date followed by exciting events promoting a healthy lifestyle. Read more about these events that promote your well-being:

Kickoff Events


December 2020

The Thursday before Christmas, forty leaders from the Walla Walla Valley gathered together to launch the local Blue Zones Project. They celebrated the expected benefits of a healthier population from implementing policies and programs that will move the community towards better lifestyle choices.

Read about the Blue Zones Project launch in Walla Walla Valley.

November 2020

The positions of Public Policy AdvocateOrganization LeadEngagement Lead, and Sr. Event and Office Specialist have been filled! We look forward to the team starting soon.

October 2020
Walla Walla, Washington has been chosen as the location for Adventist Health’s first Blue Zones Project®. Meghan DeBolt, former Walla Walla Director of Community Health, has been hired as the project’s Executive Director. Assessments and other necessary work will begin promptly with the program being launched to the general public at the beginning of 2021.

Meghan DeBolt will be working with Walla Walla University and other local organizations in the community to further the Blue Zones Project®. In an effort to create a community where making healthy choices is easy, the program will work to improve people’s work places, schools, churches, and homes among other things.

For more information on Blue Zones Project Walla Walla, visit:

View the October Press Release

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Sharecare is Hiring for Blue Zones 
We are looking for the most qualified candidates to lead full-time, competitive positions in Walla Walla, WA. If you or someone you know is interested in the following opportunities, don’t hesitate to apply.  

Public Policy AdvocateOrganization LeadEngagement LeadSr. Event and Office Specialist (positions have been filled)

April 2020
Recently Adventist Health has acquired Blue Zones, which places the Walla Walla Valley on a shortlist for implementation. We still need financial commitments from our local community. If you wish to help financially, please let us know.

January 2019
During the days of January 21-23, the Walla Walla Valley had the privilege of hosting Tony Buettner and members of the Blue Zones team here on campus to hold a feasibility study. The first night, Tony Buettner presented information the group had acquired through years of study. He introduced the "Power 9" or 9 principles that were inspired by the research they had done that promotes a healthier lifestyle. They had meetings in the community that covered different facets of public life, to help the team become more acquainted with the Valley. They also held focus group to discover areas members of the community enjoy or would like to see improve. They also held a "Friends at Five" event which brought various members from the community together and answered questions regarding the policies and procedures of the Blue Zones project. Blue Zones will report their findings within the next month, but in the meantime more information is available on similar projects completed by Blue Zones.