Project Send Hope

Follow these 3 simple steps and your cards will soon be on their way to the hands of healthcare heroes, COVID patients, and essential workers.



Choose your favorites and print as many cards as you like. The more cards, the more hope! 


The standard paper option is for regular printer paper (if you don’t have cardstock) and prints one card per sheet. Just fold it once vertically, and then once horizontally.

The cardstock paper option is meant to be printed on cardstock and makes two cards per sheet. Just fold horizontally and cut in half vertically.


Don’t have a printer? Don’t worry. Fill out this order form and we will send cards directly to you.



This is the fun part. Have your friends, siblings, parents, your grandma, your cat, and your dog help you sign the cards. Share hope with encouraging thoughts, quotes, or Bible verses. Share a joke or funny story. Even share about yourself! Just let them know you care. Pray over the cards and the people who will receive them.



There are several options to distribute your cards.

• Have a family member take them to work

• Mail them to healthcare and essential workers you know

• Contact the CHE team at to get connected to a hospital near you


If you wish for your cards to be delivered to Providence St. Mary Medical Center in Walla Walla, mail or drop them off at David Lopez’s home in College Place, WA (email for address).


Thank you for being a light in a world of uncertainty and for sending hope to those who need it most. Don’t forget to take a picture and tag us!

For any questions, email

To view a video about Project Send Hope click here.


Color-it-in cards

Don't have a way to print? Don't worry. Fill out the order form and we will get cards in the mail for you to deliver locally.