CHE Team

David Lopez

Executive Director
(509) 527-2100


  • Master of Science Administration in International Development with an emphasis in Volunteer Leadership —Andrews University
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration —Walla Walla University

I see myself as a bridge-builder. Each day I look forward to new opportunities to dream and learn with students, giving them tools to discover ways of connecting with Christ through service now and beyond into their careers.

My favorite project so far was Service Day. Seeing 700+ students, faculty, and staff coming together to work with our community was so rewarding.

I feel blessed with the responsibility to raise four young boys with the love of my life. Some of our favorite things to do are taking over the cul-de-sac to play a hockey game and summer nights camping in the Blues.

Jonathan Simons

Associate Director
(509) 527-2128


  • Master of Social Work —Walla Walla University
  • Master's degree in Business Administration —Western Governors University
  • BS in Health Promotion —Walla Walla University

I help support our amazing student employees and I manage CHE projects. I am excited at the chance to work on the CHE signature project, Blue Zones, and an initiative to develop more service-learning opportunities on campus.

My favorite volunteer project so far has been the Love Heals Clinic. It was incredible to see the impact that our generous volunteers made on our community.

Hailey Bishoff

Service Day Coordinator


  • Business Administration, Class of 2023
  • Project Coordinator: helps with behind-the-scenes planning on projects and events


I haven't been working with the CHE for long, but I enjoyed helping with the COVID Care projects last spring and planning the CHE Summit this summer! I am excited to help plan the tri-college service day this year!


I enjoy hanging out with friends, playing volleyball, working out, showing horses, and exploring nature.

Liberty Anderson

CARE Weekend Coordinator


  • Business Marketing, class of 2025
  • I oversee planning and running of all our CARE Weekends. CARE weekends is a program that aims to provide a service opportunity for students each week.

My favorite service activities are anything that involves working with children.

Favorite pastimes – playing soccer, traveling, and music.

Nicolas Marcondes

CARE Weekend Coordinator


  • Health Science, Pre-Med Class of 2022
  • I work with clubs and local organizations to provide community service opportunities for anyone who wants to serve.

My favorite volunteer project is the free intelligent conversations because we go out to the community and are able to hear stories that on a normal basis would never hear.
My hobbies include playing the drums and bass, exercising, and practicing mental self-care.

Keziah Perez

CARE Weekend Coordinator (Portland Campus)


  • Nursing, Class of 2023
  • Community Action and Relief Experience (CARE): plans outreach projects and provides service opportunities for students to participate in

One of my favorite service projects would be going to downtown Walla Walla to have "Free Intelligent Conversations" and handing out flowers to people on the street. Random acts of kindness and intentionality are so powerful.

I enjoy camping, kayaking, singing, and hiking (especially to waterfalls). I am obsessed with worship music and very passionate about serving people. Fun fact: I am a 6w5 on the enneagram. If you have any ideas for community outreach, I'd love to connect with you!

Lauren Threadgill

Project Specialist


  • Elementary Education, 2023
  • Project specialist: works on web design and helps non-profit organizations communicate what their mission is in clear and understandable ways

I loved a service project where we went out into the community and did random acts of kindness. We bought people coffee and took flowers to the rehab centers and the retirement home.

My personal hobbies include singing, painting, boating, and traveling. An interesting fact about me is that I have sung in a choir at Carnegie Hall!

Madison Turner

Special Project Manager


  • Theology with minors in English, Drama, and Biblical Languages, 2022
  • Project specialist: Works with the Hey Neighbor Project facilitating its launch and smooth operation

One of my favorite volunteer projects has been working with CARE Weekends on their Free Intelligent Conversations

My hobbies include reading, theater, knitting, and DnD.

Kristian Busby

Marketing Manager


  • Product Design and Art, Concentration in Illustration, Class of 2023
  • Marketing Manager: Runs the CHE Website and social media, oversees photography, design, and implements the CHE marketing plan

My favorite volunteer projects would have to be participating in the Friends of Walla Walla program and designing the stickers for the 2021 Vaccination Clinics. 

My hobbies include disc golf, Rubik's cubes, backpacking, and anything creative! 

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Becky Orozco

Customer Service Coordinator



  • Humanities, Emphasis in Sociology, Class of 2023
  • Helps to organize CHE events and to communicate with partners, as well as aiding with office management.

My favorite volunteer projects would be our Service Days!

My hobbies include writing, painting, singing, and anything that keeps me outside and active!

Kati Batista Medina

Graphic Designer