CHE Team

David Lopez

Executive Director
(509) 527-2100 |

Education: Master of Science Administration in International Development with an emphasis in Volunteer Leadership —Andrews University, Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration —Walla Walla University

Bio: I see myself as a bridge-builder. Each day I look forward to new opportunities to dream and learn with students, giving them tools to discover ways of connecting with Christ through service now and beyond into their careers.

My favorite project so far was Service Day. Seeing 700+ students, faculty, and staff coming together to work with our community was so rewarding.

I feel blessed with the responsibility to raise four young boys with the love of my life. Some of our favorite things to do are taking over the cul-de-sac to play a hockey game and summer nights camping in the Blues.

Joanna Nelson

Associate Director of the CHE, Adjunct Professor of the School of Business
(509) 527-2128 |

Education: Master of Business Administration - University of Redlands, Bachelor degrees in English Lit. with an emphasis in Professional Writing & Rhetoric & Math.

Bio: I am so grateful that my professional experience as a grant writer, nonprofit consultant, and entrepreneur has found a home here at WWU.

I feel blessed to work with amazing students and our community through the CHE and also teach in the School of Business. The opportunity to share Christ through service and support students on their journey to becoming future leaders is a purpose I am honored to live.

Liberty Anderson

Senior Volunteer & Special Events Coordinator / Volunteer Manager

Major: Business Management, Class of 2025

Bio: As a part of the CHE team, I lead the planning and execution of CHE events. I oversee all volunteer coordination for major service projects, including Fall Service Day. I also take a proactive role in streamlining the project intake process. This year, I am most excited for Fall Service Day! If you are interested in volunteering, you can check out our volunteer page on our website or visit our programs page to learn more about what we do at the CHE.

Service to me is the willingness to give of oneself and put your faith in action.

Ashly Barrosso 

Hey Neighbor Neighbor (HeyNN)
Hispanic Outreach Specialist

Major: Business Administration, Pre-Med, Class of 2025

Bio: As a part of the CHE team, my role is to connect the Center of Humanitarian Engagement (CHE) and the Hispanic Community in the Walla Walla Valley. This includes event planning, networking, and developing outreach materials to build relationships with the Hispanic Community and assist with their needs.

My favorite service event has to be Fall Service Day because it gives us the opportunity to reflect and observe how much the community needs to help and how even with 2 hours of our time we accomplish a lot when working as a team. 

Service to me means doing something for someone in exchange for nothing but a smile on a persons face. 

Kendra Burtch

Hey Neighbor Neighbor (HeyNN)
Project Specialist

Major: Theology with a concentration in Chaplaincy, Class of 2025

Bio: As part of the CHE team, I research and write the weekly challenges sent via text that inspire people to build community around them. I am also working on bringing and tailoring these challenges to churches. My favorite service event has been Tri-College Community Day. It is such a blast to come together with two other colleges to go and serve the community all at once. 

To me, service is willingly filling needs around you without an expectation of gain in return. 

Courtney Clark

Hey Neighbor Neighbor (HeyNN)
Senior Project Specialist

Double Major: Business Accounting and Finance, Class of 2024

Bio: As a part of the CHE team, I help run our Hey Neighbor Neighbor (HeyNN) branch which is all about community connectivity! My favorite service event is Tri-College Community Day. It's always so fun to connect with the students from Whitman and the CC, something we don't get to do very often!

For me, service means to be helping those around you in any way you can, sometimes that's helping a neighbor with their garden or moving boxes, and other times it's sitting down and spending time with someone having meaningful conversations. I believe service is showing up for those in our community in any way we can. 

Jocelyn Curiel

C.A.R.E. Project Specialist

Double Major: Math and Psychology, Class of 2024

Bio: As a part of the CHE team, I am currently working on getting the details of the C.A.R.E. Project finalized, so that we can get it up and running. You can find out more information on our website, on our C.A.R.E. Project page. I am most excited for Fall Service Day. 

To me, service means being/living like Jesus. When I think of serving others, my perfect example is Jesus because that is what He did during His time on earth. I aspire to love and serve even a little bit like He did. 

Courtney Easterbrook

Volunteer Coordinator

Major: English, Pre-Med, Class of 2027

Bio: As a part of the CHE team, my role is to connect with agencies to plan volunteer opportunities. I also assist with planning and preparation of events such as Service Days and to make sure the Blue Mountain Volunteer Corp website is updated. My favorite event so far has been Fall Service Day. It is such a great opportunity for students and faculty/staff at Walla Walla University to come together and serve the community. 

Service to me is helping others in any way we can and in doing so spreading the love of Jesus. 

Emily Fry

C.A.R.E. Project Manager

Major: Global Communications, Class of 2024

Bio: As a part of the CHE team, my role is to assist with the C.A.R.E. Project as we help churches build a mission statement and figure out how to have a goal-oriented service culture. I am excited to set up the seven-step coaching seminar for the churches participating the C.A.R.E. Project.

Service to me means providing the support others need and might not get otherwise to achieve their goals and improve their lives. 

Nicole Jackson

C.A.R.E Weekend Coordinator

Major: Biology, Class of 2026

Bio: As a part of the CHE team, part of my role is to connect with community partners, clubs on campus, as well as our student led churches to create engaging weekend volunteer opportunities that hopefully inspire a lifestyle of service. If you are interested in helping out or participating in a C.A.R.E. weekend activity/event, you can find out more information on our website, on our C.A.R.E. Weekends page. My favorite service activity was cleaning out an old house; not only were we able to donate most of the items we found, but I now own my favorite fanny pack because of it. It felt like treasure hunting. 

Service for me is a way of life, of thinking, of being. I believe service shouldn't just be attached to Service Days or volunteering, but to be how I live my daily life.

Larissa Krueger

Marketing Manager

Major: Business with a concentration in Marketing, Class of 2024

Bio: As a part of the CHE team, my role is to provide leadership to our marketing team by organizing a strong social media and marketing presence and promoting events and services. For more information on events and services happening at the CHE, you can follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or check out our linktree. Fall Service Day is by far my favorite because of the impact it has on the community around us!

To me, service means going above and beyond what anyone asked of you. Lending a helping hand, whatever form that may take, fulfills a need in someone's life. 

Marcus Lupse

Photo & Video Specialist

Major: Biology, Pre-Med, Class of 2023

Bio: As a part of the CHE team, I am the videographer and photographer. My job consists of running errands for David Lopez, creating informative videos, and sharing with others the work of the CHE. Check out our SmugMug to view and share photos from recent events. My favorite service activity these past two years was a CARE Weekend at Wallowa to feed the community and repair windows damaged by a hailstorm.

Service to me is sacrificing my time and resources for the benefit of others. 

Valerie Panossian

Events Specialist

Major: Biochemistry, Pre-Med, Class of 2024

Bio: As a part of the CHE team, I help plan and coordinate CHE service and community outreach events. My favorite service event was Tri-College Community Days! It was so fun to not only participate in a service project, but to also get together with the colleges in the Walla Walla Valley and foster connections with the other students. 

Service to me is a self-less act of simply loving others and showing kindness in the same way God has done for us. 

Aine SchmidtWeiss

CHE Portland (PDX) C.A.R.E Weekend Coordinator

Major: Nursing, Class of 2024

Bio: As a part of the CHE team, I organize CARE Weekends in Portland, when our nursing students are able to do some volunteering! I also talk to local churches and organizations to set up collaborations, and currently am working on running a modified Eden's Pantry for nursing students. My favorite service event has definitely been volunteering with Habitat for Humanity! It was so much fun, and the team there was super sweet. 

To me, service is all about taking time to give what we can to others. I know nursing students can be really busy, and it's hard to make the time for others, but service is so important - it fills both the giver and receiver with joy, connecting us to the community around us!

Ana Segawa

Volunteer Coordinator

Major: Business, Pre-Dent, Class of 2027

Bio: As a part of the CHE team, my role is to help coordinate volunteers, manage volunteering opportunities and events such as Community Service Day. I also work organizing collaborations between CHE and campus clubs through CHE Certified. Fall Service Day was my first service experience here at Walla Walla University and it was great. It gave me a great feel of what it's like to be a part of this community, to work with CHE, and serve together. 

Service to me means that I'm able to reflect God's character and His endless love for us by giving my time and efforts to bless others in any way they need. And I find that it's very true what they say about how ultimately, you're the one that feels blessed when you get the opportunity to serve others. 

Emily Vaughn

Content Creator

Double Major: Digital Media and Design and Acting, Class of 2026

Bio: As a part of the CHE team, I make the graphics as well as help manage the social media content ad website for CHE. My favorite event was Fall Service Day. I got to help out the community with my friends!

Service to me means being like Jesus, helping out the community to build connections and give a helping hand to those in need.