CHE Team

David Lopez

Executive Director
(509) 527-2100


  • Master of Science Administration in International Development with an emphasis in Volunteer Leadership —Andrews University
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration —Walla Walla University

I see myself as a bridge-builder. Each day I look forward to new opportunities to dream and learn with students, giving them tools to discover ways of connecting with Christ through service now and beyond into their careers.

My favorite project so far was Service Day. Seeing 700+ students, faculty, and staff coming together to work with our community was so rewarding.

I feel blessed with the responsibility to raise four young boys with the love of my life. Some of our favorite things to do are taking over the cul-de-sac to play a hockey game and summer nights camping in the Blues.

Liberty Anderson

CARE Weekend Coordinator


  • Business Administration - Marketing, class of 2025
  • I plan weekly service opportunities for students as a part of the CARE Weekend program.

My favorite service event/activity is visiting with and singing to the residents at Wheatland Village Memory Care Facility.

Service to me is the willingness to give of oneself and put your faith in action. 

Hailey Bischoff

Senior Volunteer & Events Coordinator


  • Business Administration - Management, Class of 2023
  • I lead out in the coordination of major CHE events like Fall Service Day and Tri-College Community Day, and act as a liaison between volunteers and community partners. When I am not coordinating an event I step in and support my teammates in their projects or work on streamlining the project/event intake and execution process.

My favorite service event is Fall Service Day (I may be a little biased because it is my project). I love seeing so many people come together to serve the community. It is so fun meeting people that have the same passion for service, and hearing stories about not only how our service impacted the community but also how the projects impacted the volunteers who participated in them.

To me, service means using the talents that God blessed me with to help others.


Anilce Castillo

HeyNN Project Specialist


  • Bioengineering, Class of 2023
  • I help create our weekly text message challenges for Hey Neighbor Neighbor (HeyNN) and work on research for how to build community through HeyNN.

My favorite service event has been potting plants for the Hope Street Project in Walla Walla. I loved working with my hands, being with people, and knowing that what we were doing would impact someone's life in a positive way.  

To me service is a way of putting my faith in action and living what Jesus teachings were all about. I think it's a way to love God and to love people. 


Emily Kitto

Social Media & Marketing Coordinator


  • Business Administration - Marketing, class of 2023
  • I help manage the social media accounts and the website for the CHE.

My favorite service event/activity is Service Day - we are given the opportunity to  reach out to our community through service. 

Service to me means putting others needs before yourself, making an impact on their life with small little acts of kindness. 


Megan Lersbak

Project Specialist


  • Business Administration - Entrepreneurship, class of 2023
  • I look after the tool Shed, we are set to open to the public soon which is very exciting! Right now I am making sure all the tools are prepped and ready to rent out!

My favorite service event/activity is Service Day! I love big fast-paced events that really push me to work hard and to do my best and I had a lot of fun doing it!

To me service and rest are one in the same, you can serve in so many ways, from hosting a huge service day to making my friends some food, living life in service is the only way I have found peace recently.


Marcus Lupse

Photo & Video Specialist


  • Biology, Pre-med, class of 2023
  • I create videos and media content to share about the mission at the CHE.

My favorite service event/activity has been Shed Demolishing at 2021 the Jumpstart Service Day. (2021 or 2022?)

Service to me is a chance to use my talents, resources, and time which have been gifted to be from God to give to others. 


Rebecca Orozco

Project Specialist


  • Humanities, Emphasis in Sociology, Class of 2023
  • I'm helping to develop the Hey Neighbor Neighbor (HeyNN), an initiative to help bring communities together in intentional ways and to empower individuals within them. 

My favorite service event/activity would be our CARE Weekends!

Service is a way to look outside myself, connect with people of different backgrounds, and expand my perspective past the confines of my own experiences. 

Keziah Perez

CARE Weekend Coordinator (Portland Campus)


  • Nursing, Class of 2023
  • I help connect students to community service opportunities, plan service projects, and find local partners to collaborate with in our area. 

I am very passionate about helping the homeless community so partnering with the Portland Rescue Mission to serve dinner has been one of my favorite things to do. Also, making CARE bags and passing them out is another activity I love. 

Service to me is loving people like Jesus does, building relationships, and making the world a better place. 

Isaac Peterson

CARE Project Specialist


  • Theology, class of 2024
  • I aid in the thought process, planning, and execution of CARE projects.

My favorite service event/activity has been Service Day! 

Service to me means putting others first. Seeing a need and filling it. :)


Taylar Peterson

Volunteer Coordinator


  • Business Administration - Accounting, class of 2024
  • I get the privilege of working with community partners on our volunteer platform, Blue Mountain Volunteer Corps, to assist in getting volunteer opportunities out to the community.

My favorite service event/activity has been Service Day! Gathering hundreds of students to go out and show Jesus through our hands has been an amazing thing to see. 

Service to me is a lifestyle. I have been doing short-term mission trips for the last 8 years. I have loved bringing service into everyday life, not just for two days out of the year. 


Allison Simmons

Story Catcher


  • Biology Pre-Med, Class of 2023
  • I interview service-oriented organizations, ministries, and volunteers and share their stories on social media to help inspire others to lead service-driven lives.

My favorite service event is Fall Service Day.

Service is a natural response to God’s love overflowing in me.


Lauren Threadgill

Project Specialist


  • Elementary Education, 2023
  • Project specialist: works on web design and helps non-profit organizations communicate what their mission is in clear and understandable ways

I loved a service project where we went out into the community and did random acts of kindness. We bought people coffee and took flowers to the rehab centers and the retirement home.

My personal hobbies include singing, painting, boating, and traveling. An interesting fact about me is that I have sung in a choir at Carnegie Hall!