Don Kirkman '52

Don Kirkman is the definitive master builder. Don began working as an architect within five years of his college graduation, launching a prolific career. Don has served as an architect and general contractor for schools, churches, clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, office buildings and a range of others projects across the United States. Beyond the United States, Don has provided architectural and planning services in countries around the world. In addition to operating his own business, Don has lived a life of service and volunteerism to many charitable organizations, including Maranatha Volunteers and International Children's Care.

Wendell White '62

For more than 60 years, Generations LLC has set the highest of standards for senior retirement communities. Wendell White is the founder and chairman of the family-owned business, which is based in Portland, Ore. Currently, Generations operates two retirement communities in Portland, one in Walla Walla, and one in National City, Calif. Recognized in the field for its success as a family business, the company, which has several of Wendell's family in management positions, has received numerous awards for modeling quality service to its clientele and for excellent business practices.

Pamela Rasmussen '82

An internationally respected ornithologist, Pamela Rasmussen is an expert on Asian birds. Her outstanding accomplishments in her multiple roles of researcher, professor, author, mentor, and museum curator have distinguished Pamela in her field. Pamela is based at Michigan State University and was formerly a research associate at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. She is currently associated with other major centers of research in the United States and the United Kingdom. Her most recent work has involved collaboration with several institutions investigating global patterns of biodiversity.

Gina Jervey-Mohr '92

As a physician and educator, Gina Jervey-Mohr is a leader in educating the next generation of physicians. Gina's compassionate spirit has driven her trailblazing work in the care of seriously ill and dying patients. Currently on the faculty of Loma Linda School of Medicine, she is director of palliative care at Loma Linda University Medical Center, a program she developed and one of the first of its kind in the region. Gina also serves as director of clinical ethics at the medical center, leading a team of ethicists who provide hospital consultations regarding ethical issues related to patient care.