Rosario Alumni Sabbath

August 27-29, 2021

We sure hope to be able to gather for Alumni Sabbath at Rosario this year, please keep an eye on this page for updates.

Alumni Sabbath at Rosario Beach Marine Laboratory is currently scheduled for August 28, 2021.  Always a serene setting and enriching alumni opportunity, if we can meet in-person you can come for Sabbath or the entire weekend.  Activities will include a worship service, Sabbath lunch, nature walk, hot dog roast, sundown worship on the beach, a bonfire with s'mores, and lots of great music and fellowship. 

If we can meet in-person, plan to join us in August 2021!

Weekend Speaker for August 27-29, 2021: Dr. Joseph Galusha '68 and WWU Professor Emeritus of Biology

Joe Galusha graduated from Walla Walla University in 1968. After teaching at Maplewood academy for three years, he and his family moved to Oxford University where he studied the social behavior of British gulls with Professor Niko Tinbergen, a founding father of animal behavior. The last part of Joe’s dissertation was supported by money from the 1973 Nobel prize to his major professor. Since 1975 Joe and his family have been teaching and supporting WWU at Rosario Beach every summer since 1975–45 years in a row. And he was there 5 years as student in the late 60’s.Joe and his wife Marilyn now live on property just west of the Rosario Beach Marine Laboratory where he reads and writes about animal behavior and hikes familiar trails in the area. Joe and Marilyn have two adult children, Joe '97 and Tami (Bunn) '94 who regularly bring their families home to enjoy making another generation of ‘Rosario’ memories.

Watch a video taken in preparation for the 2016 Rosario Sabbath weekend.  Video taken by Jesse Norris, a video producer and cinematographer living in Loveland, Colorado.  His grandparents Dale ('61) and Myrna (Fowler, att) Lent were caretakers for many years.

Questions? Email us or call (800) 377-2586.

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