Campus-Based Loans

If you borrowed a Campus-based loan—Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Nursing Loan, and/or Institutional Loan—while at WWU, then Walla Walla University is your lender, and University Accounting Service (UAS) is your servicer. Your statements and account notifications will come from UAS. However, you may still receive important notifications from WWU, so be sure to update us on any changes in address, phone number, or email address after you leave.

Even if you’re still in school, it’s a good idea to  create an account on where you can view statements, make payments, and set up autopay. Make sure you use a non-university email address since your WWU email may become inactive after you leave.

If you would like to add access to your account so that a parent, spouse, or relative can discuss your finances with the loan office, you'll need to add account access in your UAS Connect account.

If you're a recent graduate or have dropped below half-time enrollment at Walla Walla University, you will need to complete exit counseling with UAS. This will appear on your MyWWU to-do list and can be accessed at to complete their exit. 

Unlike Federal Direct loans, which have a six-month grace, your Campus-based loan will have a nine-month grace period before repayment begins. Don’t forget to stay up-to-date on your loans during this period so the first statement doesn’t come as a surprise.

Consolidation is available only for Perkins and Nursing loans, but not other institutional loans. You can apply for consolidation at

For deferment and cancelation forms please contact our office.