Resources for Canadian Students

  1. Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)
  2. Canada's "One-stop Resource" website
  3. Canada Student Loans Program
    PO Box 2090, Station "D"
    Ottawa, Ontario
    K1P 6C6
    Private Institutions Division (866) 587-7452
    Public Institutions Division (888) 815-4514
  4. International Financial Aid Center (IEFA) International Student Loan Programs
    (888) 296-IEFC (4332) or (617) 696-7840
  5. International scholarships, financial aid, visa advice, insurance, etc.
  6. International Student Guide
  7. The Bank of Montreal Student Line of Credit for Canadian students studying outside of Canada.
    (800) 665-9665
  8. International Study Scholarship Information
  9. Canada Student Loans
  10. Foreign Currency Exchange Contracts – Lock in Your Exchange Rates For the Entire School Year: 
    Many of our students have expressed a need to be able to quantify the exact amount that their tuition will cost them in their local currency. They want to be able to count on the tuition cost for the entire school year to be unchanged in terms of their own local currency. This can be done via a financial instrument called a “forward exchange contract”. The best news is that there is generally no transaction cost to the student to enter into a forward exchange contract. If you are interested in locking in your foreign currency conversion rates for the entire school year, please contact a foreign currency exchange firm that offers forward exchange contracts to the general public. For your convenience, we have identified two such firms that can help our foreign students to “lock-in” their tuition costs:
    AFEX-Associated Foreign Exchange, Inc.
    (888) 307-2339

    Western Union
    Please note that a forward exchange contract may be disadvantageous to you if during the school year your local currency appreciates in value relative to the U.S. dollar.  
     Please also note that the above firms can also assist international students in wiring their tuition payments to Walla Walla University for a nominal fee.