Scholarships for first-time freshmen

WWU offers a variety of scholarships to entering, first-time freshmen, many of which are potentially renewable for three additional years. Students are advised to inform Student Financial Services of scholarship eligibility and be prepared to document eligibility as required. Entering freshmen who do not attend WWU all three quarters of their freshman year forfeit a portion of their scholarships. 

This scholarship program was designed for first-time freshmen who enroll after September 1, 2023 and its provisions will continue to apply over the four years of total potential eligibility.

Achievement Scholarship
$9,000-$15,000 per year

A student can be awarded only one of the following GPA or ACT/SAT scholarships, whichever has the highest cumulative dollar value over four years.

This award is fully renewable for three additional years as long as the student meets SAP requirements at WWU. To validate this award, evidence of high school grade-point average must be submitted to Marketing and Enrollment Services by the student's school. General Equivalency Diploma (GED) test scores do not qualify.

Students who have attended another college or university (except for Running Start and summer school) are not eligible for this scholarship.

Complete and official scholarship guidelines can be found at:

GPA Scholarship

High school GPAAmount

ACT Scholarship

ACT ScoreAmount

SAT Scholarship

SAT Score*Amount

*Taken after February 2016

Out-of-Area Grant
$2,500 per year

A student whose residential address is outside of Washington or Oregon will receive an award of $2,500. Students who receive this grant can continue to receive it for an additional 3 years as long as they maintain the out-of-area residency requirement. If the student is a dependent financial aid applicant, the state of residence is that of the parent supplying information on the FAFSA. Otherwise, we use the state in the student's permanent address. Students who attend any other college or university (except for the summer) forfeit the balance of their grant. Students receiving this grant cannot receive the Washington College Grant/Washington State Need Grant.

Complete and official scholarship guidelines can be found here.

National Merit Scholars Award
$1,000-full tuition

Placement LevelAmount
Finalist (President's Scholarship)Full tuition*
Semifinalist (WWU Merit Award)$1,500**
Commended Student (WWU Merit Award)$1,000**

*100% tuition for two years and 50% tuition for two additional years if the student maintains a 3.80 cumulative GPA at WWU.​​​​​ Recipient is eligible for leadership scholarships, but not eligible for other academic scholarships, including the Out-of-Area Grant.

**Fully renewable for three additional years if student maintains a 3.80 cumulative GPA at WWU. Recipient also eligible for GPA or ACT/SAT scholarship and the Achievement Bonus.

Complete and official scholarship guidelines can be found at:

Leadership Award

Walla Walla University awards a scholarship to entering freshmen who served in selected leadership roles during their junior and senior years. To validate this award, evidence of the office held must be submitted to Enrollment Services. Students may qualify for more than one Excellence in Leadership award up to a total of $1,500.

Student Association (S.A.) President$1,500
SA Executive Vice President$1,000*
SA Spiritual Vice President$1,000
Senior Class President$1,350
Senior Class Executive Vice President$1,000
Senior Class Spiritual Vice President$1,000
Junior Class President$1,000
Junior Class Executive Vice President$750
Yearbook Editor$1,350
Yearbook Assistant Editor$825
Yearbook Co-Editor$750
Newspaper Editor$1,350
Newspaper Assistant Editor$825
Newspaper Co-Editor$750
Head Resident Assistant$850
Resident Assistant$825
Team Captain$500
Outstanding community/church leadership*$500
Other office (JR or SR year)*$500

*Office subject to WWU approval. Limit two awards of this type per student.

Complete and official scholarship guidelines can be found at:

Honors General Studies Program Scholarship
$1,000–$1,500 per year

Students in the Honors Program are awarded an annual scholarship dependent on successful completion of specific courses and a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher at WWU. Freshmen and sophomore students receive $1,000 and juniors and seniors receive $1,500. Scholarship funds will be applied to student accounts at the start of spring quarter.