Undergraduate Students

CHURCH MATCH GRANT. When a student's home church contributes to the student's educational expenses, Walla Walla University matches the first $3,000 from the church provided. Up to $3,000 per year Renewable: 

  • The appropriation comes from local church funds. 
  • Donations from the recipient's family are not included.
  • The student did not work for the church to earn the  money. 
  • No one donor gave more than 25% of the total. 
  • The church pastor and treasurer complete and sign a Church Match Request Form, available online or from Student Financial Services.
  • The student must show need according to the standard U.S. government's formula for financial aid as defined by the FAFSA (Canadian students need not prove financial need). 

Students wishing to receive this grant are responsible for asking their home churches to contribute. If a church is willing, Student Financial Services then works with the student, the home church, and the college to coordinate the matching of funds.