Information for K-12 Educators

Continuing education for non-degree seeking teachers


Public and private school teachers

Register: Contact the Academic Records Office at (509) 527-2811 to register.

Finances: Payment for the quarter’s tuition and fees is due when you register for the class(es).  Students not seeking a degree are not eligible for financial aid.

Teachers in the North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC)

Register: Complete the NPUC Teacher Registration form. The registration form will be sent to WWU Academic Records and your local conference. Your conference must confirm employment and approval with the Walla Walla University Academic Records office. The Records office will register students for the approved courses.

Finances: Teachers employed by an NPUC Conference may qualify for a tuition waiver.*

NPUC teachers are encouraged to send their current Teacher Status Report provided by the NPUC Certification Registrar to the School of Education and Psychology to receive individualized advising on course planning.

Email: Stephanie Onthank at or call 509-527-2210.

Advanced degree

Master's degree-seeking teachers

Register: View the steps to enrollment which apply to all students pursuing a graduate degree. NPUC teachers only: In addition to your application, submit the NPUC Teacher Registration form before each quarter you are taking classes.

Educator discount: 33% off graduate tuition. The remaining balance must be paid in full when registering. Direct Loans are available if you take at least 4 credits.

Finances: Contact your local school district or conference education personnel for approval to receive funding assistance (if available) and to verify pay increases associated with earning your master’s degree. We offer institutional grants and scholarships for which you may qualify as a degree seeking candidate in addition to the federal government student loans you could receive. Teachers employed by an NPUC Conference may qualify for a tuition waiver.*


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NPUC Teacher Summer Tuition Policy

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Transcript Information: If you need your transcript sent to anyone, including NPUC, you must submit a signed request or an electronic request to the Academic Records Office. A faxed request is acceptable if it includes your signature. (Summer grades will be recorded on transcripts at the end of August.)

*Teachers from within the North Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists whose employing conferences confirm that they are under current full-time contract may quality for a tuition waiver. Summer classes require a contract for the following school year. Teachers must pay directly when billed for books and supplies, any miscellaneous class fees, and room rental charges. Conference sponsorship does not cover classes requiring individualized instruction (aviation, music lessons, etc.)

Non-Degree Students

Students who are not seeking a degree or financial aid from Walla Walla University may become a degree candidate by completing requirements for regular admission.